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February Meeting - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 2/16/20

Meeting Attendees Relax After Lunch
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     Although it was a rainy and dreary day, we were warm, dry, and cozy in Ron's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) for our meeting today. We also accomplished a lot today.  We had a nice lunch of various soups, breads, beverages, and desserts beginning at 1:00pm. After lunch, President, Randy Berry, again thanked Ron Angerman for allowing us to use his nice hangar. He also thanked everyone who brought food and emphasized that without those great folks, we wouldn't be having these delicious lunches. Thank all of you who contributed monetary donations as well.

     Randy broke the meeting up into two parts today: (1) the social gathering and lunch, and (2) the business portion of the meeting. He gave those who did not wish to attend the business meeting the chance to leave, but also stressed that anyone who cared to stay was welcome to do so. Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer, gave us some "cold weather" flying tips. Then, Randy attempted to show the February video magazine from EAA, but was unable to get the sound functionng properly. Next, Randy brought up the need for additonal tables and chairs at Ron's hangar for our fly-in(s), as well as our meetings. After some discussion, the chapter approved a donation of $300 for tables and chairs. Randy also elaborated on the need to increase the maximum amount for the fall fly-in to $500 rather than the $250 previously approved. The reason is that our fly-in is growing and needed for expenses which were nearly $1000 in 2019 and will likely increase due to the need for more food and two porta-johns. Gilbert Airpark committed to an equal amount. Although it's unlikely that actual costs will be anywhere near that amount due to anticipated additonal funds obtained from attendee donations and a drawing, we felt it was necessary "just in case" we do "go in the hole" on expenses or experience other unforeseen costs.

     Randy then drew attention to our chapter BRONZE achievement award. He expressed that he'd like to continue to earn an award annually and would like to shoot for a SILVER award in 2020; the chapter appeared to agree. To do that, we must maintain the current status and add at least one more quality point which must be by one of the following: (1) chapter leader attending a leadership training session, (2) having a Young Eagles program, or (3) having our own chapter facility. Since it's unlikely that we'll ever own a chapter facility, we must get BOTH (1) and (2) if we ever wish to achieve a GOLD award. Consequently, Randy brought up the issue of leadership training. Since none of the other chapter officers are able to attend leadership training, Randy indicated that he'd be willing to attend the EAA Leadership Academy scheduled for April 17-19th, 2020 IF the chapter is willing to pay for his airline ticket there and back, which is expected to cost $400 or less. The chapter approved that request, so Randy plans to apply for it this coming week. That should earn us another quality point and hopefully qualify us for a SILVER award this year.

    The business portion of the meeting then adjourned. Then, VMC Coordinator, Larry Philbin, conducted a VMC session attended by several members. For photos of the meeting, click the photo above.

New Chapter TV Stand

Randy & Ron standing beside our new chapter TV stand.
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     Ron and Randy put their heads together to design and build this unique TV stand for our chapter. Randy already had the base cabinet, which was no longer needed in his home. Then, he bought a TV wall mount, angle iron, and other hardware which Ron supplemented with his own hardware. They put it together at Ron's hangar using Ron's equipment on Saturday, 2/8/20. As you can see, the center of the screen stands about 6'6" high, which is tall enough for most members to see over the heads of other members while sitting at tables. Note the new chapter bronze award banner which EAA presented to the chapter for outstanding achievement in 2019. That's actually the back of the cabinet facing forward. There's a shelf on the other side for a laptop or other equipment needed for presentations, as well as a storage area with a drawer and doors underneath. The base cabinet has rollers, so it can be moved around easily. We plan to use the stand for future presentations at our regular meetings, VMC meetings, and by guest speakers.

January Meeting - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 1/19/20

Group photo of members/guests attending our January 19th, 2020 meeting. Click the photo for more photos.

     Our first regular chapter meeting of the new year was held on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 in Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) beginning with lunch at 1:00pm. The theme for lunch was "Chili in Chilly January". Randy again thanked Ron Angerman for allowing us to use his very nice hangar. Ron also set up the tables and chairs for us. Several members brought their favorite chili recipe to share with members (Libby, Debbie, Leonard). They and others brought drinks and supporting food items. Thanks Ron and to all you cooks. We counted 73 attendees, and your food was enjoyed by all.

     Under old business, Randy asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes from last meeting at this location back on Sunday, November 17, 2019. A motion was made to approve the minutes as written, it was seconded, and the minutes were approved. Then, Treasurer, LIbby Berry, gave a financial report which again indicates that our chapter bank account is very healthy. Randy asked if anyone went to the SCBC meeting at Walterboro, SC. Ron Mowery and Nic Smoak flew down, but were unable to land due to low ceiling, so they turned around and came back.

     Under new business, Randy gave EAA service awards to 2019 officers and others of special note. He also recognized members who will serve as officers (Randy Berry, president; Bruce Harrison, VP; Debbie Philbin, Secretary; Libby Berry, Treasurer) and directors (Larry Maner, Al Strickland, Glenn Temples) who will constitute your chapter board for 2020. Don Schmotzer will again be Safety Advisor, Larry Philbin will continue as VMC Coordinator, and Kevin Wallace will be our Social Media Coordinator. Don Harper is our EAA Technical Consultant. Chapter leaders held a meeting on Sunday, January 12th to discuss the chapter bylaws and set a general course for the new year. Randy pointed out that he had sent in our 2020 renewal to EAA back in December, 2019. Cost was $448 for liability insurance, dues and contribution to the Burgher Fund.

     In further news, Randy commented on our new Roster Management System provided by EAA. The procedure to use it is outlined in the MEMBERS ONLY section of our website under MEMBER ROSTER. EAA has also developed a new website capability for chapters that wish to use it. However, it's fairly basic and will not provide the flexibility to report chapter activities, as we now have. Consequently, we plan to keep our current website for members and possibly use the EAA provided website for exposure to the general public. Randy asked for an increase to $120/year for webhosting costs associated with our current website, and the chapter approved it. We decided to have a fall fly-in this year on the first Saturday of November, subject to approval by the GIA Association for the use of GIA facilities. Randy also encouraged members to get their chapter and EAA dues paid. EAA, and we, can now tell who are EAA members and who are not. Randy pointed out that he had to sign a statement in the 2020 renewal that he, as President, would ensure that all chapter members were also EAA members. EAA promises not to "hold our feet to the fire" for now, but that may come eventually. Randy mentioned that Sun-N-Fun comes earlier than usual this year (March 31 - April 5), so it's not too early to begin making plans. Randy then asked for suggestions or comments from members, and several were made.

    The VMC Club met immediately after the business meeting. Guest speaker and CFI, Jan Squillace, and friend, Ken Williams, flew down in their Cirrus SR-22 to speak on their VMC/IMC programs in Sanford, North Carolina. Jan made a presentation and it was well attended. Thank you, Jan and Ken, for taking your valuable time and effort to help us with our VMC program.    

     Click the photo at top for photos of the meeting, including the group photo, compliments of chapter photographer, Eddie Price.

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