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August Meeting, Ron's Hangar (SC45), 8/16/20, 5-7pm

Our youngest attendee, Miss Jubilee Christofi, who often accompanies her dad, Jason, to our meetings.

      Our August, 2020 meeting was again held at Ron Angerman's great hangar at SC45 on Sunday, July 19th, 2020 from 5:00 to 7:00pm EDT. The weather was significantly cooler and better overall than for our rainy July meeting. We had 30+ members and one guest today. We enjoyed a meal of 3 kinds of pizza, several vegetable salads and dressings, and various delicious desserts and beverages.

     After the meal, President, Randy Berry, conducted a business meeting in which he welcomed everyone to our meeting today. He thanked Ron Angerman again for allowing the use of his great hangar. He also thanked those who brought food for the meal. He further thanked those who attended for their kind donations; they really do help. He recognized our newest members, Al and Jeanetter Hibpschman and their three children, and one guest, Rommie Parker, who flew in with Dave Gardner.

     Then, we discussed and approved the minutes from the July 19th meeting submitted by Secretary, Debbie Philbin. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a financial report which indicated that our treasury is still very healthy. Randy asked how many participated in EAA's online "Spirit of Aviation Week" held July 21st through 25th, and several had. In case you missed them, some of the forums, sessions, and events were recorded and are now available at "". We discussed some COVID-19 issues and whether members still wish to hold our chapter meetings. Everyone was enthusiastic about continuing. Randy then commented on the prospect of a fall fly-in saying essentially that it is NOT very likely that we'll have one this year due to COVID-19 concerns. There is no way to social distance as many participants as we had last year, and some people simply will not wear masks.

     We then watched an 8-minute EAA chapter video for August, 2020 hosted by Charlie Becker, Director of Chapters, in which he stated that EAA employees have now returned to EAA headquarters after working from home since last March. The EAA Museum is open on a limited basis. We discussed the TTF chapter website. Randy had been serving as web editor for both GIA and TTF and splitting the costs between the two agencies. However, is no longer a member at GIA, so GIA has designated a new web editor. Consequently, TTF will need to decide by end of year whether to continue paying the full cost of webhosting services or move to another website, perhaps the one offered by EAA.

     In other business, Jim Streeter commented that he can no longer get his medical, but he plans to keep his Ercoupe and hopes for someone to volunteer to fly with him in it in the future. Dave Gardner announced that he and Tammy will host a chapter meeting at their Buckeye Farms in October on a date to be announced later. He commented on the location of his property and other details about his airstrip. It's always pleasurable and relaxing visiting Dave and Tammy's place down in the country.

     There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. In the absence of Eddie Price, Cindy Aulback took photos at the meeting, which you can view by clicking the photo of little Jubillee at top.

July Meeting, Ron's Hangar (SC45), 7/19/20, 5-8pm

Dave Hardy & Larry Philbin grill hamburgers & hotdogs in a rainstorm while Ron Angerman looks on

      Our July, 2020 meeting was held at Ron Angerman's great hangar at SC45 on Sunday, July 19th, 2020 from 5:00 to 8:00pm EDT. This was our first meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged our country and the rest of the world. Approximately 30 members and guests attended, which was very good considering the circumstances. Only 3 planes flew in, primarily due to rapidly building weather. In fact, one pilot had to turn around, fly back home, and then drive in. We had a meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, various snacks and several delicious desserts. Ron set up the grills under a tent in front of his hangar. Thank you, Ron! It's a good thing too because just after the grilling began, a "gully washer" summer downpour dumped much rain on us. We had planned to set up some tables outside, but it's a good thing we didn't because they would have been drenched, and it would have been impossible to eat out there. As it was, the downpour did not dampen our spirits, and everyone had a great time inside. Most attendees wore masks and practiced social distancing, but I hope we can do even better next time. Although masks are uncomfortable and cumbersome, they are necessary during these COVID times. Remember, this is a serious disease, and we certainly don't want anyone to get the disease.

     After the meal, Randy held a brief business meeting. He started the meeting with a slide presentation on old and new business. He thanked Ron Angerman for his hospitality in allowing us to use his great hangar, He also thanked the food providers, the cooks, and every one who braved these COVID-19 times to come today. In fhe absence of treasurer, Libby Berry, Randy gave a financial report which indicated that our chapter finances are still very healthy. He pointed out that a virtual online Airventure event is being  held from Tuesday, July 25, through Saturday, July 25th. He also provided some helpful computer related tips. In other new business, Dave Gardner indicated that the chapter can meet at his Buckeye Farms in October. Larry Philbin also provided at tip on free computer software.

    The entire Hibpschman family joined our chapter at this meeting, They are Al, Jeanette, and their children, Justin, Elsie, and Kyle. They are already national EAA members and definitely an aviation oriented family. We are happy to have them as members of our chapter. Welcome to our chapter, Hibpschman family!

     For photos of the meeting from Eddie Prices, click on the photo above.

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