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Solar Eclipse - Pelion Airport - 8/21/2017

Total Solar Eclipse - 8/21/17
Totality of the eclipse taken at 6J0

     Most of our chapter members met at Pelion Airport on Monday, August 21st to witness and celebrate for what most of us will be a "once in a lifetime" event ... a total solar eclipse. In fact, the center line of totality passed very near Pelion Airport. We had a great lunch of hamburgers, brats,  hotdogs, BBQ, and various other food items, desserts and drinks before the event. The eclipse started about 1:15pm with totality occurring about 2:43pm EDT. We suspected that Pelion Airport might have a few outside visitors, but none of us were prepared for what actually occurred. Around 27 planes and an estimated 150 people showed up for the event from as far away as New Hampshire, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, and Georgia, among other locations. Basically, it turned out to be an impromptu "fly-in". Many locations across the nation, including the coast of South Carolina, experienced limited visibility of the eclipse, but those of us at Pelion Airport had perfect weather and visibility for the event. Although we had not prepared for such a huge crowd, we had enough food that we were able to feed many of them and/or give them refreshments. I believe we made a number of new friends that day. After the totality passed, everyone spontaneously broke out in cheers and applause over seeing Mother Nature's grand spectacle. It was truly a great day. For photos of the event from George Sellers, click on the totality photo above.

August Meeting - Pelion Airport - 8/20/2017

 David Nieves & Libby Berry
TTF Secretary, Libby Berry & Sheriff's Deputy, David Nieves at the August 20th meeting

     Our August meeting was again held at the EMT substation at Pelion Airport (6J0) on August 20th. Lunch was served beginning about 1:00pm. We had a smorgasbord of food, including fried chicken, potato salad, BBQ, baked beans, and various drinks and desserts. Thanks to everyone who brought food. In the business meeting, we approved the meeting minutes of July 16th. We had a treasurer's report from Treasurer, Leon Strock. We discussed the impending runway construction project on the Pelion runway, which is scheduled to begin on September 5th. Consequently, our Young Eagle's event scheduled for September 30th at 6J0 must be postponed until next year. Also, we again discussed the ramifications of the Aviation Innovation Reform & Reauthorization (AIRR) bill, HR2997, currently under consideration by Congress. EAA, AOPA, and other GA groups are adamantly opposed to the bill. However, the main topic of discussion was the total solar eclipse occuring on Monday, August 21st, and our preparation for that event tomorrow. Randy also announced several fly-ins which are scheduled in upcoming months. After our business meeting was over, chapter safety advisor and local FAAST representative, Don Schmotzer, gave us some helpful safety tips on accident prevention.

July Meeting - Pelion Airport - 7/16/2017

Members Eating at July 16th Meeting
Members & guests enjoy the meal at the July 16th meeting

     Our July meeting was held at the EMT substation at Pelion Airport (6J0) on July 16th. Lunch was served beginning about 1:00pm. Larry and Debbie Philbin provided the main course consisting of brats, buns, desserts, condiments, and eating utensils. Libby and Randy assisted by providing hotdogs, chili, buns, cups, plates, bowls, and additional plasticware. Thanks to them and all other members who brought desserts, ice, drinks, and various food items for another wonderful meal. Sgt. David Nieves could not be there today, so thanks to Sgt. Brandon Miller for opening the conference room for us.

     We covered several topics in our business meeting. We discussed and approved the June 4th minutes. Leon gave us a financial report, which indicates that we have a healthy treasury. We touched briefly on BasicMed again with Larry Philbin reporting that he has finally found a doctor willing to give him his BasicMed. Our Young Eagles (YE) coordinators, George and Murray Sellers, were out of town today, so Randy gave us an update on plans for the event. After a relatively low initial participation level, we now have over 20 members and volunteers who plan to assist with the event, including 9 pilots, so Randy went through the list of those who have volunteered and again asked for their commitment for the YE event. George and Murray will be giving more detailed plans at upcoming meetings in August and September.

     We also discussed "ATC privatization", known officially as the "Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act (HR2997)", being supported by President Trump and soon to be voted upon by the House of Representatives. AOPA, EAA, and other alphabet groups are vehemently opposing this bill and maintain that it will create a monopoly and give the airlines and private interests control of our airspace and be "the beginning of the end" for general aviation. They also noted how detrimental privatization has been to general aviation in other countries, notably Canada and Australia, where it's been implemented. They are therefore requesting that we take it seriously and CALL our congressional representatives immediately to oppose the measure.

     In other news, Randy noted that a total eclipse will be happening in this area on Monday, August 21st. Therefore, we are planning to have a "Total Eclipse" rally at 6J0 on that date with a meal planned for around 1:00pm. Then, we'll sit, chat, and wait on the total eclipse to occur soon after 2:30pm. Jim Herpst has ordered 100 pairs of sunglasses for EAA242 and said that we can get some of those for 85 cents each. The matter was voted upon, approved, and funds allocated for the event. We also decided that the next meeting will again be held at Pelion Airport on August 20th.

     After the meeting, Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer asked members to relate some of their personal experiences from which they had learned a valuable lesson in order to share with other members. Several members did so, and Don also shared his own experience with near catastrophic icing. For photos from Eddie Price, click on the photo above.

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