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May 19th Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), 12pm-4pm

Vice-President, Eddie Brennan, gave us a presentation on prominent persons & aircraft in aviation from 1903 to the present.
Click on the above photo to see more photos & videos taken by Jim Matthews

     Our May chapter meeting was held on May 19th in Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). We had a delicious meal consisting of several types of pizza, various salads & supporting items, some delicious desserts, and beverages starting around 1:00pm. 

     Vice-President, Eddie Brennan, conducted the meeting today beginning about 1:45pm. He thanked Ron & Angela for allowing us to use their great hangar, the food providers for the great meal, and those who donated to help reimburse those who furnished the meal. Then, the April 28th meeting minutes for our meeting and fly-in at Buckeye Farms were approved. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a brief treasurer's report, including Ray Scholarship funds.

     Next, Eddie gave us an interesting presentation on prominent persons who contributed to aviation and some of the aircraft  involved, starting with the Wright Brothers back in 1903 up to the present. He noted that a crucial growth period was 1925 through 1933. Dave Gardner gave us an overview of our meeting and fly-in on April 28th at Buckeye Farms, noting that everything went well with only a minor issue or two. Eddie then noted that our normal third Sunday of the month meeting would normally fall on Sunday June 16th, but that is Father's Day, so members voted to hold our next meeting one week later at Gilbert Airpark on Sunday, June 23rd. The theme for lunch will be "picnic foods". Eddie then asked if there was any other business or announcements. Hearing none, the meetng was adjourned.

April 28th Meeting & Fly-in, Buckeye Farms, 12pm-4pm

The above photo shows Dave & Tammy Gardner's Buckeye Farms home/hangar, along with the 19 aircraft which attended our April 28th meeting/fly-in.
Click on the above photo to see more photos & videos taken by Jim Matthews

     After having been delayed due to weather on April 21st, our April 28th, 2024 meeting at Buckeye Farms near Willison, SC was very successful. Approximately 60 people attended, and 19 aircraft flew in. We had a nice lunch of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, along with many delicious side dishes, desserts, and beverages contribued by members and guests. Randy thanked chapter members, Dave and Tammy Gardner, for hosting the event. He also thanked everyone who attended, those who brought food, and those who made contributions to reimburse those who desired reimbursement for food. Click the above photo to view photos and videos contributed by chapter member, Jim Matthews.

March 17th Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). 12pm-4pm

The Scott family (Left to right: Son, Mack holding Albert; Mother, Angela; Father, William; and Daughter, Alina are shown in front of Dave's Aerolite 103, which is very similar to the one that Alina flew roughly 1000 miles to Airventure 2023 and won EAA's "Pilot of the Year" award.

     Our March 17th, 2024 meeting at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) was a huge success. We had one of the best meetings we've ever had today with roughly 65 attendees. The Scott family, consisting of father, William; mother, Angela; daughter, Alina; and son, Mack, along with the family pet, Albert visited with us today. They came at our request to give us a presentation on Alina Scott's historic flight in an Aerolite 103 ultralight aircaft from her home near Mount Pleasant, SC to Oshkosh, WI for Airventure 2023, a distance of approximately 1000 miles. Father, William, provided chase and ground support for each of about 40 segments of Alina's flight. Alina and William gave us a very interesting and entertainine prsentation, including several videos of Alina's training and preparation for the long flight. She won EAA's "Pilot of the Year" award at Airventure 2023 for her historic and brave journey, quite an honor considering all of the elite pilots and guests who attend Airventure each year. We also invited special guests: Gary Siegfried, Director of SC Aeronautics Commission (SCAC), Jim Hamilton, SCAC Director Emeritus, David Anderson, past 2nd District Commissioner, and David Smith, SCAC employee and honorary chapter member. We were privileged to have had them all come visit with and share lunch with us. Thank you Alina and William for a great presentation for which they received a standing ovation from our members and guests.

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