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January 14th, 2023 Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), 12pm-4pm

Left: Our great chapter directors for 2022, and again in 2023, Larry Maner, Jim McClain, and Dave Gardner
Right: Our equally great chapter photographers for 2022: Steve Preston, Jim Matthews, and Rob Bridgers
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     Our first chapter meeting of the new year was held on January 14th, 2023 at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) from approximately 12:00 noon until 4:00pm. After a delicious lunch hosted by members beginning at 1:00pm, President, Randy Berry, welcomed everyone for what we hope will be a prosperous chapter new year. He recognized Ron Angerman and Angela Collins for their gracious hosting of our chapter event(s) today and in past years. He also thanked everyone who brought food today, which is what makes our monthly lunches so great. He further thanked those who made monetary donations, which go to reimburse those who bring food, if they so desire .

     Our business/information meeting commenced around 2:00pm. The minutes from our November 20th, 2022 meeting were approved. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a report on recent expenditures and our bank balance as of today, indicating that our chapter finances are well "into the black" and looking very good as we head into 2023. Don Schmotzer gave a safety presentation on "cold weather flying" and related a personal experience he had some years back with rime ice build-up on his plane which happened almost instantly. Randy showed the January EAA video featuring EAA CEO, Jack Pelton on our overhead chapter TV screen. Randy then presented chapter officers, directors and other deserving chapter members with sevice awards for their services in 2022. Click on the photos above to see more photos of members who received awards.

     Randy then asked the membership for their ideas on "what they would like to see our chapter accomplish this coming year". A few of the ideas were: (1) to continue our great lunches, (2) for some of our own very talented members to give presentations on their aircraft building projects and/or personal flying experiences, (3) to have fly-outs to other airports and arrange for food to be delivered by food truck or other means, (4) to invite guest speakers and those who have unique or unusual aIrcraft, and (5) to have a chapter fly-in this coming fall. In addition, we plan to have our normal business reporting. Chapter members may view further details in the MINUTES section of the MEMBERS ONLY area of our website.

     To view photos taken by chapter photographers, click on each photo above, Steve Preston's photos are on the left and Jim Matthews' photos on the right.

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