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November Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), 11/20/22, 12pm-4pm

Left: Ron Angerman & Angela Collins received a $500 Check from our chapter for their gracious  hosting of our events in the past
Right: Jim McClain compliments Libby and Randy on their chapter leadership & presents them with a card & money
 Click on each photo to see more photos taken by Rob Bridgers (left) & Jim Matthews (right)

     Our last meeting of the year was held on November, 20th, 2022 at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) from approximately 12:00 noon until 4:00pm. After a wonderful lunch, President, Randy Berry, welcomed everyone. His first order of business was to recognize Ron Angerman and Angela Collins for their gracious hosting of our chapter events over the past year, and in past years. On behalf of the chapter, he awarded Ron and Angela a check for $500, and they received a standing ovation. Then, Randy introduced our newest members, Dick Hitt, Jim Jatho, Bill Barley, and Don Smith. He also recognized guests. The minutes from our October 9th fly-in coordination meeting were approved. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a report on recent expenditures and our bank balance as of this meeting date, indicating that our chapter finances are looking good going into 2023. 

     Then, we held chapter elections for 2023. The same officers and directors who served in 2022 were again elected to serve in 2023 (see "Board/Staff" on our website). Don Schmotzer gave a safety presentation on in-flight fires. Eddie Brennan gave us a report on his and wife, Kinberly's, annual contribution to "Toys for Tots". Several TTF members brought toys and gave $200 in donations, which Eddie and Kimberly matched, so $400 will be going to that worthy cause. John Pipkin gave us a report on the new owner at Gaston Airport, indicating that he is a great, energetic, young man with plans to upgrade the airport even further. Dave Gardner gave us a report on TTF member, Jim Streeter, who is in the hospital and not doing well. At 94 years young, Jim has been one of our chapter's most ardent and avid supporters in the past. Our prayers are with him.

     Randy then reminded members that their dues are now coming due for 2023, and they will receive a $5 discount if they get them in by December 31st, 2022. We also held a poll indicating that members would like to switch our meetings to the 3rd Saturday of each month rather than on Sundays. This change fits in better with several member schedules, including Ron's. Finally, Randy wished members Happy Holidays and reminded everyone to check the chapter website periodically for new announcements. Our first chapter meeting of the new year will likely be on Saturday, January 14th, 2023.

     For photos taken at the meeting by Rob Bridgers and Jim Matthews, click on the photos above.

Fall Fly-in, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), 11/5/22, 10am-3pm

Left: The Fly-in crowd enjoying a deliscious lunch.
Right: Dav e Gardner was the first to fly in in his RANS.S-12 Airaile.
 Click on each photo to see more photos taken by Steve Preston (left) & Rob Bridgers (right)

     Our 2022 EAA Chapter 1467 Fall Fly-in was held on Saturday, November 5th from 10:00am until 3:00m. Unfortunately, even though we made the decision as late as possible on Wednesday, November 2nd, the weather forecast began to deteriorate as the weekend approached, but by then, it was too late to change the fly-in date. We awoke on Saturday morning to foggy IFR conditions. However, the weather did gradually improve and by around 11:00am, the sun had shone through to some extent. Unfortunately, the ceilings at nearby airports were generally below minimums, so most pilots had already decided NOT to fly-in. However, most of the local pilots drove in instead.

     Even so, we had a wonderful and enthusiastic crowd of around 112 people, but only 5 aircraft were able to flew in. We had a fantastic feast for lunch though, and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and socializing with other aviators. TTF chapter and GIA members came through for us with a wide variety of fantastic foods. Nobody went away hungry. In fact, some even took plates home that evening.

     We advertised the event well. Much of it was by "word of mouth", but EAA semt out a "chapterblast" at our request to all EAA members within about a 75 mile radius of SC45. We also posted it on the EAA and SocialFlight websites, as well as our own website. Consequently, we had several reports from pilots who had planned to fly in but were unable due to weather. One brave pilot did fly in all the way from Raleigh, NC though. If you would like to see the details we posted about the fly-in, click HERE. For photos from the fly-in, click on the photos above.

October Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), 10/9/22, 12pm-4pm

Left: The happy, smiling faces of chapter members, Bob & Michelle Clark,
Right: Members fom Whiteplains Airpark: Jim Franklin, Cory Althouse, Rob Brigers & Bob Clark
 Click on the photo to see more photos taken by Rob Bridgers (left) & Jim Matthews (right)

     We had a very productive meeting on Sunday, October 9th. After a very nice lunch with an emphasis on italian cuisine, we held our business/information meeting. President, Randy Berry, welcomed everyone and thanked Ron Angerman for allowing us to meet in his hangar. Ron also gave us an update on Angela's condition. The fears she and Ron had of a serious illness have proven not to be as serious as they thought, which is wonderful news, so we are happy to learn that she is doing fine now. Randy also thanked our food providers without whom our tasty monthly lunches would not be possible. He also thanked those who gave donations, which go to reimburse the food providers. We also gained two new members at the meeting: James Vinson, GIA airpark member, and Wes Chumley, who is the local sales representative and chief test pilot for Stemme sailplanes. Welcome aboard, guys!

     The primary item on our agenda today was discussion of the Fall Fly-in scheduled for Saturday, November 5th, 2022. Now that Ron has given his blessing to have the fly-in at his hangar, Randy asked the members if they still wanted to have the Fall Fly-in, and if they would support it. The show of hands in favor of both questions was unanimous for having it. So, Randy proceeded to reiterate the duties and responsibilities for conducting the fly-in. Debbie Philbin circulated a list of food items which we'll need from chapter members. Most of those attending signed up for food items, which we'll need lots of for the size crowd we expect to attend. We feel that we have it pretty well planned out. Randy will coordinate with EAA further on a "chapterblast" which will go to all EAA members within about a 75 mile radius of SC45. He will also advertise it on the EAA and Socialfight websites, as well as invite other special members and clubs.

     Then, Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer, took us in a slightly different direction than usual by showing us a YOUTUBE video on "Britai's Ugly Airplanes" which was both entertaining and a bit humorous at times. Next, David Smith told us about his responsibilities as an employee at the SC Aeronautics Commission and their purpose. Then, he gave us a presentation on his 3,293 nm, 39.9 hour flight to various locations across the southwestern USA to see his biological father out there. He saw some beautiful scenery, had some unique experiences, and did all that in a Cessna 150.

August Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), 8/14/22, 12pm-4pm

Dave Gardner is shown above in front of his beautiful Aerolite 103 ultralight (left) and departing the meeting (right).
 Click on either photo for more photos.

     We had another great meeting today and a delicious lunch. Thanks to members and guests who brought food and/or made contributions for food. One new member, Whitney Wurtz, wife of Dave Wurtz, joined our chapter at today's meeting. Unfortunately, President, Randy Berry, nor Secretary, Libby Berry were able to attend the imeeting due to sickness, so Vice-President, Eddie Brennan, conducted the meeting. Thanks to Eddie and Secretary, Debbie Philbin for covering for us during our absence.

      Eddie covered the various planning aspects of our upcoming fall fly-in scheduled for Saturday, November 5th, 2022. Don Schmotzer made a safety presentation titled "Breaking the Chain". Dave Gardner and Steve Preston spoke about and showed some photos of their visit to American Dream Sky Ranch (ADSR) on Sunday, July 17th. TTF members can find further details of the meeting in the MINUTES section of our chapter website. For photos made by chapter photographer, Steve Preston, click on either of the photos above.

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