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November Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark, 11/21/21, 12pm-4pm

Thom Richards & Michaela Satter of "Warbird Adventures" preparing to leave in their SNJ/T6 aircraft.

      Today's meeting started with a luncheon featuring a variety of delicious soups along with supporting food items, desserts, and beverages provided by members.  We again thanked Ron and Angela for allowing us to meet in their fantastic hangar. I once heard someone describe it as an "aviator's dream man cave"    We also thanked all those who brought food. Our members always provide a "smorgasbord" of  great food for our luncheons. We also very much appreciate everyone who donated money, which goes to reimburse members, if they wish.

     The highlight of our meeting today was a visit from advanced instructors, Thom Richards and Michaela Satter, in their SNJ/T6 aircraft from Warbird Adventures. You can't miss or confuse the sound of a warbird, like the SNJ/T6. It's a sound that is uniquely recognizable and livens the pulse of every aviator. They are located at "American Dream Skyranch" near Ninety-Six, SC. They moved their operation from Kissimmee, Florida to South Carolina only about two months ago. In fact, they've been here such a short time that the FAA has not yet assigned them an official airport Identifier, but you can find more information about their operation by visiting their website at Thom gave us an interesting presentation on their operation and answered a number of member questions. We thank them for paying us a visit and making a presentation today. Incidentally, they have a P-40 Warhawk, two SNJ/T6's, a Super Decathlon, and a Citabria. They can give you advanced instruction, up to and including in aerobatics, although I'm not sure if they give training in the P-40, but they do in their other aircraft. So, look them up if you want to fulfill that burning "bucket list" desire to ride in and/or get instruction in a warbird. We're talking "hands on" instruction, folks! We took a break from our meeting to watch Thom and Michaela depart in the SNJ before proceeding with our chapter business. There was no way were going to miss that. Therefore, the business portion of the meeting was delayed about 30 minutes.

     Our business meeting resumed after the SNJ's departure and fly-by, Since this was our final meeting of 2021, we had several important items to discuss. First, we approved the 10/17/21 minutes and had a financial report. Then Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer, gave us an interesting presentation on "unusual situations", and punctuated it with a YOUTUBE video showing several incidents. We then viewed the EAA November video magazine featuring Charlie Becker. Next, Justin Hibpshman gave us an update on his training, which is funded by a Ray Scholarship. Randy went over the results of our 2021 Fall Fly-in held on Saturday, 11/6/21. In spite of bad weather, and the fact that it turned into more of a "drive-in" than a "fly-in", we had a fantastic turn-out. We counted 119 attendees for the luncheon, which was as good as our record attendance back in 2019 at which we had great weather. Our fly-in was second to none. Had the weather been kinder, we believe we'd have had many more attendees and aircraft lined up far down the runway.  Our members supported the event, and everyone did a superb job. Thank all of you for a job well done!

     However, we incurred some additional expenses this year for our fly-in and otherwise, so we "went in the hole" financially somewhat for the first time this year. However, we are still financially solvent, so no major worries. However, Randy recommended that we increase the dues by $5 in all categories, which will hopefully help defray those anticipated costs for next year. We also have to pay our EAA chapter dues and liability insurance for 2022 by December 31st, 2021. The dues increase was voted on, and members overwhelmingly approved it.

      Next, we held elections for 2022 chapter officers. The following members were elected: President: Randy Berry, Vice-President: Eddie Brennan, Secretary: Debbie Philbin, and Treasurer: Libby Berry. Additionally, the following members will continue in their prior appointed positions: Safety Advisor: Don Schmotzer, Ray Scholarship Coordinator: Larry Philbin, Web Editor: Randy Berry, Social Media Coordinator: Kevin Wallace, and Photographer: Steve Preston. After the business meeting, Eddie and Kim Brennan collected toys for the "Toys for Tots" program. Members brought a number of gifts, for which they, and we, thank you. Also, a few exchanged Christmas ornaments.

     Unlike the Covid plagued year of 2020, we've had a great year in 2021. Thank all of you for your support. We sincerely wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Our next meeting is planned for Sunday, January 16th, 2022 at Ron and Angela's hangar. We plan to have a "chili cook off", but more on that in a later post.  Our chapter photographer was absent at this meeting, so we don't have many photos at this time. However, a number of members took photos, so perhaps we'll have more later. To expand the photo at top, click on it.

EAA Chapter 1467 "2021 Fall Fly-in"
Gilbert International Airpark (SC45)
Saturday, 11/6/2021, 10:00am - 3:00pm

The fly-in crowd at our 2021 Fall Fly-in on 11/6/21. Click the photo above to see more photos.

        We had been viewing the weather forecast all week long, and even several weeks leading up to the fly-in date. We had planned to announce a GO or NO-GO decision for the fly-in by Wednesday, 11/3/21, but the weather forecast for the planned date of Saturday, 11/6/21 looked rather dismal, with a forecast of high winds of 12 mph plus almost directly across the 9/27 runway from the NNE. Unfortunately, the alternate date of 11/13/21 appeared about equally bad, and possibly even worse, with rain likely. Therefore, we waited until Thursday morning, 11/4/21 to make the final GO or NO-GO decision, and on which date. At that time, the 11/6/21 forecast looked just slightly better with fairly high crosswinds, but no rain forecast. The 11/13/21 forecast appeared even worse, plus it was a longer range, and therefore, more unpredictable forecast. Food and other preparations had already begun by then, the tables and chairs had been set up, and everyone was "chomping at the bit" to go, so we called "GO" for 11/6/21. Unfortunately, only 24 hours later, the forecast for 11/6/21 looked even worse, with a great possibility of rain sneaking in from the south that appeared it would get to SC45 just in time for our fly-in. Drats!

     Fortunately, in spite of the weather, we had a very good turnout. The winds were fairly high (12mph +), they were crossed from the NNE, and it was chilly, but the rains held off just south of us down around Barnwell. Ron Angerman and Angela had their hangar nicely heated for us though, so we were warm and cozy inside. We had a great lunch with plenty of food for everyone. In fact, we had plenty left over, so we could have fed even more. Thanks to Debbie Hardy, Debbie Phibin, and the other TTF and GIA ladies and gents who brought food items. We counted 119 people who attended the luncheon. However, only two brave souls flew their planes in, Dave Gardner and Carla Mueller. We were ready for a big turnout of planes though. Corey Kroll had set us up a nice base station outside, Mike Moore and Don Schmotzer were ready on the radio, and Eddie Brennan and Justin Hibpshman were ready with their orange batons and safety vests as marshallers. Jeanette Hibpshman, assisted by daughter, Elise Hibpshman and others, presented some great prizes and awards in various categories. Leonard Self and Kim Brennan sold tickets for the 50/50 drawing, half of which went to Jim McClain as the lucky winner, and half came to the chapter to help defray the cost of food. Incidentally, Jim McClain later donated his winnings back to the chapter, so thank you, Jiim!

     Although the weather spoiled our plans to some extent this year, we'd still call our 2021 Fall Fly-in a success. All in all, we had a great "fly-in/drive-in" and everyone socialized, ate a delicious lunch, and had a wonderful time. It turned into more of a "drive-in" than a "fly-in, but folks still came and supported it. Thank you all for making it a success!

     For photos taken at the fly-in by chapter photographer, Steve Preston, click on the photo at top of this page

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