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September Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark, 9/19/21, 12pm-4pm

Justin Hibpshman is shown getting his shirt tail cut off by his CFII mom, Jeanette, after soloing on September 11th, 2021.

      To celebrate the beginning of football season, we enjoyed a luncheon of various "tailgating" foods and many delicious desserts provided by chapter members beginning around 1:00pm.

     We started the business meeting just after 2:00pm. Randy again thanked Ron Angerman and Angela Collins for hosting our meeting at their fantastic hangar. He also thanked the food providers and those who made donations, which go directly for reimbursing those who brought food. We approved the 8/15/21 meeting minutes and had a Treasurer's report. Don Schmotzer gave us a safety presentation on the importance of "preflighting" our aircraft. To emphasis that point, Don showed us two YOUTUBE videos of devastating aircraft crashes after forgetting to remove gust locks.

     Most of the rest of the business meeting today was devoted to finalizing plans for our upcoming fall fly-in scheduled for November 6th, 2021 at Gilbert International AIrpark (SC45) with an alternate rain date of the following Saturday, November 13th. We made specific assignments and responsibilities. Debbie Philbin and Debbie Hardy led a discussion after the meeting on "food preparations" for the fly-in. It sounds like they have a real "smorgasbord" planned for the event, including BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers, hotdogs and a number of supporting covered dish, desserts and beverages.

     Good news! Justin soloed on Saturday, September 11th, 2021 at Aiken Regional Airport (KAIK). Justin told us what it was like experiencing his first solo. I'm sure we can all relate to how he felt on that momentous event. Then Justin's mom, Jeanette, showed us a very interesting and inspirational video that her sister made of the event. Jeanette is a CFII who also works for the FAA as a field representative. Afterwards, we all walked outside and made a number of photos with Jeanette and Justin in which Jeanette did the traditional "solo shirt cutting". See the photo above. Also, you can view the video they made by clicking the link icon below.

     Thanks to Christine Smoak for taking the photos today. Larry Philbin, Ray Scholarship Coordinator, for our chapter plans to send some of the photos to EAA soon.

August Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark, 8/15/21, 12pm-4pm

Corey Kroll, pictured above, gave us a presentation on "Electrical Considerations for GA Aircraft"

     We enjoyed a luncheon of various Italian dishes and desserts provided by chapter members today. We also celebrated Libby Berry's 80th birthday with a huge birthday cake. Libby had also just recently retired on July 30th after a career that spanned 62 years, 61 years of which were with the same law firm.

     The business meeting started around 2:00pm. We approved the 7/11/21 meeting minutes and had a Treasurer's report. Don Schmotzer gave us a safety presentation on "passenger safety". To stress the importance of passenger safety concerns, he cited an example of a passenger who walked into a prop after a flight while the prop was still turning. Obviously, it was not a good outcome. Then, Justin Hibpshman updated the chapter on progress towards his private pilot license, funded by a Ray Scholarhip through EAA and our chapter. Most of the rest of the business meeting today related to planning our upcoming fall fly-in planned for November 6th, 2021. We assigned some responsibilities and made some preliminary decisions.

     After the business meeting, Corey Kroll gave us an interesting presentation on "Basic Electrical Considerations for GA Aircraft". Corey is a retired electrical engineer who had a 32-year career with Lockheed Martin Corporation. In that capacity, he worked on components for the space shuttle and Atlas space programs. In this first presentation, Corey discussed the various tools and techniques involved in electrical work. He made a number of recommendation and also answered a number of questions during and at the end of his presentation. Corey has offered to make future presentations on various electrical topics, so we'll take him up on that offer later in the year, or perhaps in 2022. Thank you, Corey.

     Thanks to Ron Mowery for taking photos today. You can view them by clicking on the photo of Corey above.

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