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May Meeting, Gilbert International Airpark, 5/16/21, 12pm-4pm

Justin Hibpschman, our selected candidate for EAA consideration for a Ray Scholarship.

      We finally had a good flying day with nearly perfect flying conditions today. Jim Streeter provided some scrumptious BBQ and hash for our lunch, Other members provided side dishes, desserts, and beverages. Randy again thanked Ron Angerman and Angela Collins for hosting our meeting today, as they have so many times in the past. He also commended all those who brought food and those who donated funds for that cause. Two new members joined our chapter today: Edward and Kimberly Brennan, who are originally from Florida, but moved recently to Whiteplains Airpark. Interestingly, Edward is a retired NASA engineer who worked on several space projects.

     After lunch, Randy convened the business/information meeting. He showed us the EAA May video magazine which mentioned a Flight Outfitters contest which some lucky EAA member may win by submitting a 500-1000 word account of one of their most memorable flying experiences. All entries must be in by June 1st, 2021. He also discussed the vote we took on 4/11/21 in which members approved the Board spending up to $750 per year without needing prior chapter approval. Although the measure was approved, we did not have quite enough votes at that meeting to amend our bylaws, which requires a 2/3s member majority, so he circulated a petition for members to sign, if they agreed.

     Jim Streeter spoke briefly on his and Dave Gardner's trip to Pittsburg recently and expressed his thanks to Dave for flying him there and for his friendship. Then, Don Schmotzer gave us a safety tip on carburetor icing and stressed that carburetor heat is intended as a "preventive" measure more than a "curative" measure, so applying carb heat too late may actually cause the engine to stop due to ice ingestion. So, always apply carb heat early if you suspect ice formation and during low power operations. Due to the fact that Albert Hibpschman could not be here today, Jeanette Hibpschman spoke on his behalf about his recent activities as our flight advisor and his involvement in the Ray Scholarship program.

     Our chapter applied for and was granted the opportunity through EAA to sponsor a young person for a Ray Scholarship. A major priority for today's meeting was the selection of our scholarship candidate. Ray Scholarship Coordinator, Larry Philbin, mentioned that we had several inquiries, but he felt that only one applicant met the criteria for a scholarship at this point, His name is Justin Hibpschman. Justin is a 16 year-old high school student with a straight A average, plays the cello, and has created several unique projects, among other accomplishments. Justin then spoke to the membership, gave his reasons for wanting the Ray scholarhip, indicated why he felt that he is well qualified, and answered member questions. Larry plans to mentor some of the other candidates for possible consideration in future years, if we have that opportunity. He then made a motion that we appoint Justin Hibpschman as our chapter's selected candidate. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved by the membership. Justin must now write an essay to be considered by EAA for a Ray scholarhip. We wish Justin the best of luck and feel that he will be accepted and will succeed.

     Randy then mentioned that he'd like to restart our Young Eagles program and recommended a "committee approach", since it's a very involved process. New member, Eddie Brennan, who recently moved here from Florida, pointed out that another chapter of which he has been a member for years in Titusville, Florida had experienced a serious crash at one of their events, resulting in a number of lawsuits. Therefore, he cautioned us about sponsoring Young Eagles and how we conduct chapter fly-ins and other chapter activities. Randy indicated that we'll be discussing this further at a future meeting. The meeting ended around 3:00pm.

     Thanks to Cindy Aulbach for taking photos today. You can view them by clicking on the photo of Justin above.

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