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February Meeting - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 2/17/19

Jason and Stephanie Christofi brought the entire family to our meeting today, including some very "Young Eagles"
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     Our second meeting of the year was held on Sunday, February 17, 2019 at the Lexington County South Region Service Center (LCSRSC) at Lexington County Airport (6J0).  We enjoyed a variety of delicious soups on this rainy, overcast day starting just after 1:00pm. President, Randy Berry, welcomed everyone, thanked Captain Howard for arranging for our use of our meeting site, thanked members who brought food items, and introduced guests.

    After the luncheon, President, Randy Berry, conducted the business meeting. Minutes for the January 20th meeting were approved. Treasurer, Leon Strock, was unable to attend today due to illness, so Libby Berry gave the financial report, which indicated that our chapter treasury is healthier than ever. Randy asked everyone to pray for Leon. The primary order of business today was deciding when and where to have the March meeting, and what to have. Eddie and Sandy Price agreed to have the meeting at their Pond Branch Airport on March 17, 2019. We'll be having a "low country boil", which consists of shrimp, corn, and potatoes in a stew. We'll also have oysters and hamburgers and various other dishes, desserts, and beverages. Please feel free to bring a food item, if you wish.

     Randy again reiterated that the FAA mandate for ADS/B Out is coming up fast on January 1st, 2020. After that date, most of us must have ADS/B Out in order to enter controlled airspace. The only exceptions are those aircraft with type certificates approved without an electrical system.  He again apprised everyone of the need to get a "Real ID" by October 1, 2020 in order to fly on a commercial aircraft, enter any federal building, or enter a military installation. He advised members not to wait too late when the rush will likely be on to get one. Also, there is paperwork involved, so go to the SCDMV website to find out what paperwork is needed. Randy also reminded everyone that we now have a 55" TV in the 6J0 terminal building with internet access. The chapter voted to buy a Pilot Workshop "Airmanship Series" consisting of 25 short topic videos and 13 audio cassettes. These courses will be available via the internet as well as on DVDs for viewing on our local TV. Randy reminded everyone that the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in is being held April 2-7 at KLAL in Lakeland, Florida. Several members, including Randy, are planning to go. Randy then opened the floor to members who wished to discuss any other topics. Several members made points. Bruce Harrison brought up the topic of a "chapter tool bin". Bruce agreed to act as coordinator for this effort, so if you have a tool, especially a "specialty tool", that other members may use, please contact Bruce.

     There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. For photos of today's meeting from chapter photographer, Eddie Price, click the photo above.

January Meeting - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 1/20/19

EAA 1467 Group Meeting Photo - January 20, 2019
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     Our first meeting of the new year was held on Sunday, January 20, 2019 at the Lexington County South Region Service Center (LCSRSC) at Lexington County Airport (6J0).  We enjoyed a delicious chili meal on a cold winter day starting about 1:00pm. President, Randy Berry, welcomed everyone to a new year of chapter fun and thanked members who brought chili and other food items.

     After the luncheon, Randy conducted a business meeting. He reiterated that elected 2019 chapter officers are: Randy Berry, President; Larry Philbin, Vice-President; Kevin Wallace, Secretary; and Leon Strock, Treasurer. The minutes from our last meeting on November 18, 2018 were approved as written. Leon Strock attended the meeting, but left early not feeling well, so Libby Berry gave the treasurer's report in his absence, which indicates that our chapter bank account remains healthy beginning this new year. Randy stated that our EAA dues and liability insurance have been paid for 2019 and are now in effect. That payment included a $50 donation (gold membership) to the "Peter Burgher" Fund. Benefactor, Peter Burgher, has agreed to match each $1 donated by chapters up to $1 million for exclusive use for EAA chapter activities.

     EAA service awards were presented to the following 2018 officers and members: Larry Philbin (VP), Libby Berry (Secretary), Leon Strock (Treasurer), Don Schmotzer (Safety Advisor), and Eddie Price (Photographer). Randy then asked the group to comment on activities they would like to pursue during the upcoming year. The group indicated a desire to continue our monthly luncheons at meetings, to fly lots, and to fly to other locations occasionally. The following members indicated a willingness to host a monthly chapter meeting at their airport during the upcoming year: Dave & Tami Gardner (Buck Eye Farms), Ron Angerman (Gilbert Airpark), and Eddie Price (Pond Branch Airport). We decided that our next meeting will be held on Febuary 17th at this LCSRSC facility; "soup" will be the priimary food item. Our March meeting will likely be held at Eddie Price's PBA on March 17th, probably featuring a "seafood" based luncheon. Fairfield County Airport (KFDW) manager, Denise Bryan, invited us all to attend a Fairfield County sponsored fly-in there on May 11, 2019.

     Randy also reminded everyone that aircraft owners have less than 1 year (effective 1/1/2020) to get "2020 FAA compliant" with ADS-B OUT if they wish to operate in controlled airspace (except for certain aircraft issued an airworthiness certificate without an electric system). The Sun-N-Fun Fly-in will be held at Lakeland, Florida on April 2-7, 2019 ... not all that far in the future. He also briefly commented on the federally mandated "Real ID" for which you must qualify and will be indicated by a "gold star" on your SC driver's license. It will be mandatory if you wish to enter any federal building, take a commercial flight, or enter a military base/establishment beginning October 1st, 2020. He encouraged everyone to get it "before the rush" if you plan to do so. Interested parties can find out more online on the SCDMV website.

     After the meeting, the group assembled outside for a group photo. Click on the photo above for an enlargement of the photo along with other photos Eddie took at the meeting.

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