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August Meeting - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 8/18/19

FAAst representative, Terry Connorton, receives a TTF cap for a great safety presentation
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     Our chapter met on Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) beginning at 1:00pm EDT. Although it was again hot and muggy, everyone enjoyed a great meal of Italian cuisine, including spaghetti, lasagne, pizza, salads, fantastic desserts, and a variety of beverages.  President, Randy Berry, began our business meeting about 1:50pm in which the July 21st, 2019 minutes were approved. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a financial report which indicates our treasury is in great shape with still a couple of outstanding debts for TTF apparel. Several members commented briefly on member trips to Airventure, as well as Dave Gardner's cross country trip to retrieve Jim Streeter's nice Ercoupe. The upcoming week is "Aviation Week" in South Carolina, so SCAA board member, Denise Bryan, gave us a report on various activities being sponsored by SCAA. Don Schmotzer commented on the upcoming Triple Tree Fly-in on September 2nd-9th. Bruce Harrison commented on paramotor activities at 6J0. Randy also mentioned the prospect of starting a VMC or IMC EAA club, in which a few members seem interested. VP, Larry Philbin, has agreed to coordinate that effort.

     Our highlight for today was a presentation by FAAst representative, Terry Connorton. Terry is also airport manager at Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport (KSPA), a board member of SCAA, a CFII, and serves in various other capacities in his local Spartanburg area. His presentation today, which included video portions, was titled "Surprise, Surprise - An Accident Case Study". It presented several hints on aircraft maintenance and the outcome of this particular accident case study involving the left engine failure on a twin aircraft. We were concerned earlier in the day that he might not make it due to low ceilings in our area.  However, in the end, the weather cleared up nicely, and Terry was able to fly in. Thank you very much, Terry, for your willingness to take your time and effort and fly down in your own aircraft to come give us this presentation. Terry is a very capable and interesting speaker and did a very professional job on his presentation.

     For more photos from Eddie Price, click on Terry's photo at the top of this page.

July Meeting - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 7/21/19

Jason Dukes & Larry Philbin Grilling Burgers & Hotdogs For Lunch
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     Our chapter met on Sunday, July 21st, 2019 at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) beginning at 1:00pm EDT. Although it was hot and muggy, everyone had a great time socializing before and during lunch. Members arrived to the smell of hamburgers and hotdogs being grilled under a tent on the runway side of Ron's hangar. We enjoyed a lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs with all the trimmings, baked beans, chips, and a variety of desserts and beverages. Some members drove in due to the heat, but several members flew in as well. Randy welcomed all members and guests, and acknowledged attendance by Myra Strock. A motion was made, seconded and passed to make Myra an honorary member of our chapter.

     President, Randy Berry, started the business meeting on time at 2:00pm. He promised to keep the meeting short on this exceptionally hot and muggy day. He again thanked Ron Angerman for his generosity in allowing our chapter to meet at his hangar. He also thanked everyone who brought food, and who make it possible for us to continue having these luncheons each month. Also, thank you members for again being generous with your donations. For a list of those who brought food, see the "Meetings/Events" page on this website for July. The meeting minutes posted on the TTF website for June 23rd were approved. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a financial report which indicates that our chapter is still on good financial footing, even after expenditures for chapter shirts and caps. Most of those apparel expenditures have been recovered, except for the caps, which we try to keep on hand, and for which we only ask for the actual cost of the cap plus tax.

     Randy then opened the floor for new business and started by mentioning that several TTF members were going to, or had already arrived at, AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. Unfortunately, reports indicate that it's very wet up there, so aircraft or campers were not allowed onto the grassy areas without tundra tires nor in the campgrounds at present. There was standing water everywhere. Most of the air traffic was being directed to nearby Fond Du Lac County Airport (KFLD). In other news, it seems that nobody in our chapter attended the SCBC meeting at Triple Tree Aerodrome due to the heat, but several GIA members did attend an AOPA "Rusty Pilots" seminar being held there.  Randy asked how many members would participate if we start up our Young Eagles program, especially as pilots. Quite a few members raised their hands, so we'll see how that goes in the future.

    We agreed that our August meeting will again be held at Ron's hangar at SC45 on Sunday, August 18th. We plan to have an "Italian themed" lunch with spaghetti, lasagna, salads, and other items which members choose to bring. We also plan to have FAAst representative, Terry Connertson, from Spartanburg to give us a presentation after the business meeting. The meeting was then adjourned. For photos taken by chapter photographer, Eddie Price, click on the photo at top.

June Meeting - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 6/23/19

Kelsie Temples and Sandy Price distribute new TTF shirts & caps
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     Our chapter met on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) beginning at 1:00pm EDT. Everyone had a great time socializing before and during lunch, which featured ham, chicken tenders, potato salad, green beans, baked beans, along with several delicious desserts, tea, and other beverages. Although the morning offered obscured visibility, the skies cleared in time for our meeting, so several aviators/planes flew in.

     Then, President, Randy Berry, held a business meeting beginning about 2:00pm. Randy again thanked Ron Angerman for hosting our meeting yet a third month in as many months. He also recognized several individuals who worked to make the luncheon a success. They are Debbie Philbin, Libby Berry, Glenn and Kelsie Temples. and Debbie Hardy. He also thanked all other members who contributed food items. Further, we appreciate all of your donations, which allow us to continue having these luncheons.

     Randy also thanked Edde Price for for his substantial efforts in taking TTF shirt and cap orders, picking them up, paying for them with his own credit card, and arranging for their distribution. That's a tedious and important job. Well done, Eddie! The May 19th meeting minutes were approved with one minor change. Treasurer, Libby Berry, gave a financial report indicating our treasury is still very healthy, and remaining fairly stable. She wrote a check to Eddie Price today for over $1,000 to reimburse him for the full amount of the shirt/cap purchase. Naturally, that will decrease our treasury funds some until members reimburse the chapter for their merchandise, but we are still very financially stable.

     TTF member, Denise Bryan, had recommended that we contact Terry Connerson, a FAAst representative located at Spartanburg Airport, to make a FAAst presentation. Therefore, Randy contacted Terry by phone. Terry was not able to make it to our June meeting, but he said that he will be happy to make a presentation at a future meeting, perhaps as early as July. Since FAAst presentations usually last about an hour, Randy asked members how they felt about attending a presentation for that long. There was general agreement that members would like to have such presentations.

     In other news, several TTF members plan to attend AirVenture in July, including Ron Mowery, Jason Christofi, and Dennis Ramsey. Kevin Wallace may go along with Jason if he can get off work. We wish them a safe and happy adventure. Jim Streeter just purchased a beautiful Ercoupe, which is currently located in the state of Washington. Dave Gardner plans to fly to Washington commercially in July and ferry the plane back to it's new home at Lexington County Airport (6J0). Dave plans to send us photos of his adventure along the way.

     After the meeting, Don Schmotzer gave us a safety presentation on "Engine Fires", which was enjoyed by all. For more photos of the event courtesy of Eddie Price, click on the photo at top.

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