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November Meeting - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 11/17/19

Our two Debbies (Debbie Hardy, left; Debbie Philbin, right), main food providers for lunch today, along with Libby Berry & others. Click the photo for more photos..

     Our last meeting of 2019 was held on Sunday,  November 17th at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). President, Randy Berry, again thanked Ron Angerman for his hospitality in allowing our chapter to meet in his very nice hangar. Randy also thanked members who brought food for the meeting, especially Libby Berry, Debbie Philbin, and Debbie Hardy, who provided the main food course items for our lunch today, along with other members who brought desserts, bread, tea, and ice. We also welcomed several new members: Ladson Beach, Debbie Hardy, Sonja Lumpkin, Linda Matthews, and Mack Underwood. Ladson is an attorney from the Orangeburg area. Debbie, Sonja, and Linda are Gilbert Airpark members and three of the coordinators and food providers for our fall fly-ins, along with others. Mack Underwood owns 92SC, "Mack's Patch - Derrick Field Airport", near Aiken, SC.

     Under old business, Randy asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes from our meeting at Buckeye Farms on October 20th, 2019. After a short discussion, a motion was made, seconded, and the minutes were approved unanimously. Then, Treasurer, LIbby Berry, gave a financial report which again indicates that our chapter bank account is very healthy. Randy asked if anyone went to the SCBC meeting in Salisbury, NC, but nobody had made the trip.

     Under new business, Randy gave a report on the TTF/GIA Fall Fly and said it was "our best one yet". We counted 138 attendees and 40 aircraft. We had plenty of food, and it was delicious. We had several compliments on the food, Ron's hangar, and the fly-in in general. Randy reminded current members that they can renew for $15 if they get them in by December 31st, 2019. Your dues are used to help defray the cost of EAA chapter dues and liability insurance for 2020. Randy also spoke briefly on the "Ray Scholarship" program, which provides scholarships for youth aged 16-19 years old (15-19 for glider pilot candidates). The scholarships are $10.000 for private pilot, $7.500 for light sport pilot, and $5,000 for glider pilot. He invited those interested in applying to contact Larry Philbin, who volunteered to be our chapter's "Scholarship Coordinator".

     We then held our election for 2020 officers. Randy then recognized Nominations Committee Chairman, Jim Streeter, to conduct the 2020 elections. Jim indicated that several members had recommended the same individuals for officer positions. They are: Randy Berry (President), Bruce Harrison (Vice-President), Debbie Philbin (Secretary), and Libby Berry (Treasurer). Jim then highlighted each office individually and asked if there were other nominations for each position. There being no more nominations for either position, those nominated above were elected unanimously by the membership in their respective positions. Further, Don Schmotzer was elected Safety Advisor and Larry Maner, Al Strickland, and Glenn Temples were elected to serve again as Directors. Members asked to serve in other capacities were Eddie Price (Photographer), Don Harper (Technical Advisor), Kevin Wallace (Social Media Coordinator), Larry Philbin (VMC Coordinator), and Randy Berry (Webmaster). See the BOARD page on this website for those holding positions in 2019 and 2020.

     Randy then pointed out that this November meeting would be the final meeting of 2019 and thanked all members for their support during the past year. By vote of the membership some time ago, we decided not to hold a meeting in December in order for members to enjoy the Christmas and New Years holidays with family and friends. Our next regular chapter meeting is scheduled on Sunday, January 18th, 2020, again at this same location. The meeting was then adjourned.

     Click the photo at top for more photos compliments of chapter photographer, Eddie Price.

2019 Fall Fly-in - Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 11/2/19

Note: There are 4 separate albums. Click each mini-photo above to see a separate set of photos.
Far Left: Arrivals - Don Bell Arrives in His N3N Navy Warbird
Center Left: The Flight Line Extended Far Down the Runway
Center Right: Guests Enjoying Lunch Inside the Hangar
Far Right: Departures - Al Strickland Taking Off in His Savage

     Our 2019 Fall Fly-in was a huge success. Someone counted 138 attendees and 40 aircraft. It was a beautiful fall day with near perfect weather. A variety of aircraft flew in from a powered paraplane to a Navy warbird. Our fly-ins keep growing each year, and this one was truly the "best one yet". The folks at Gilbert International Airpark (GIA) and our own EAA chapter served up a delicious meal of BBQ, fried chicken, chicken tenders, hot dogs, various vegetable dishes and casseroles, and a variety of desserts and beverages. Everyone came away well fed and happy. During lunch, GIA secretary, Donna Flanagan, awarded several prizes to attendees. We also had a cash drawing, which was won by Michael Hull from Easley, SC. Then, everyone sat around socializing, watching planes depart, and simply relaxing. Don Bell flew in from his nearby "Farm Airport" in his WWII Naval N3N warbird (pictured left above). After most of the planes had departed, Phil Brown treated the folks to a powered paraplane demonstration. One lady who had never seen one before said "That's amazing!" By all indications, everyone had a great time, and we've had many positive comments on the fly-in.  As one attendee commented "We wouldn't miss this fly-in each year!". Thanks to Ron Angerman for hosting the fly-in in his hangar, all the food providers/preparers, our aircraft traffic advisors, the ground marshallers, everyone else who assisted in numerous ways, and to those of you who came and made our fly-in a success. Click on each mini-photo at top to view separate sets of photos of the fly-in taken by chapter photographer, Eddie Price.

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