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Jim Streeter's Aerolite 103

Jim Streeter's Aerolite 103
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     Jim Streeter's new Aerolite 103 ultalight was delivered to Lexington County Airport (6J0) on Saturday, March 24th from Deland, Florida. It arrived disassembled. Dave Gardner and Norman Davis supervised the assembly of the various components the following day, Sunday, March 25th. Jim, along with his son, David, treated the group to BBQ sandwiches, potato chips, cookies, and beverages. Several other TTF members came to assist and just be part of the experience, including Tony Gantt (also assisted in assembly), Ron Lindsey (provided some missing bolts), Larry Maner (helped unload), Larry Philbin (took some photos), and Randy Berry (took photos and brought a coffee maker and coffee). After assembly, Dave Gardener taxiied the aircraft and will be helping to orient Jim to his new machine in coming weeks. Click on the above photo to see more photos.

March Meeting - Pond Branch Airport - 3/18/18

Group Photo Taken After Our Meeting
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     Our third meeting of 2018 was held on Sunday, March 18th, 2018 at Eddie and Sandy Price's hangar, airfield (PBA), and home. What a great meeting and luncheon we had today! We had wonderful weather, so several members flew in (John, Dave/Don H, Mike/Ellen, Don N, Phil, Dennis, Larry, Al). A tremendous thanks to Eddie and Sandy for hosting the event. Members started arriving as early as 11:30am to begin cooking and others began trickling in shortly afterwards. We had a wonderful lunch of Beaufort Stew (shrimp, kilbasa, corn, potatoes), steamed oysters in the shell, hamburgers, and a myriad of other dishes, desserts, and drinks provided by various members. Essentially, we had a feast. Randy cooked the Beaufort stew, John steamed the oysters, Larry Philbin grilled the burgers, and the ladies served up the various dishes, drinks, and desserts. Thanks to those of you who brought food, prepared it, and/or gave generously to support it. Thanks to your generosity, we had enough donations to cover the food costs.

     We held a business meeting starting about 2:15pm. After Randy welcomed everyone to our meeting, the minutes from the February 18th meeting were approved as written and posted. Leon was out of town today, so Libby gave the financial report, which indicates our chapter treasury is quite healthy, and in fact, growing. Randy also commented that the "privatization bill (HR2997)" is no longer a threat, as Rep. Bill Shuster has finally recognized that there is not enough support in Congress to pass it. So, it seems the airlines and private interests will not be assuming control of our flying, at least at this point in time. We also discussed this year's Sun-N-Fun Fly-in which will be held April 10-15. Several members are planning to go. Randy and Tony plan to go down for the entire week. We gained a new member, Mr. A.J. Czernecki, from Leesville. SC. Near the end of the meeting, Randy asked each attendee to comment on their background, including name, location, background in aviation (if any), and other interesting information about themselves. Each one did so, which revealed that we had quite a diverse, interesting, and talented group of people attending today from as far away as south of Atlanta, Georgia.

     After the meeting adjourned, Dave Gardner gave us a brief and insightful 10-minute presentation on problems he has encountered with the Purolator, clear glass, gas filter. Eddie's photos of the event were not yet ready at this writing, but when they are ready, you will be able to click on the photo at top to see even more photos.

February Meeting - Gilbert International Airpark - 2/18/18

Dave Gardner Gave Jim Streeter Some Flying Tips
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     Our second meeting of 2018 was held on Sunday, February 18, 2018 in Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (GIA) beginning at 1:00pm. Several members arrived early. We always enjoy meeting at Ron's nice hangar, and everyone applauded Ron for allowing us to do so yet again. Randy also thanked members for providing a nutritious meal of several varieties of soup, cornbread, rolls, desserts, and beverages.

     Much of today's meeting concerned finding a future location for our chapter meetings. Today's meeting had previously been scheduled at Lexington County Airport (6J0), but the conference room of the Lexington County South Region substation, where we previously held our meetings at 6J0, is now being used by the local Fire Department. Consequently, we moved today's meeting to GIA. Randy asked for suggestions for future meeting locations, and a number of members offered to let us meet at their airport/airpark/facility in the future. So, we feel confident that we can find future meeting locations, and we'll plan meetings as we go. Currently, the March meeting is planned to be held at Eddie Price's PBA, and the April meeting will again be held at Ron Angerman's hangar at GIA.

     In other business, meeting minutes for January 14th, 2018 were approved. Treasurer, Leon Strock, suffered a stroke the previous week, so we had no treasurer's report this month. Fortunately, Leon seems to be recovering nicely with few side effects. Randy also touched on HR2997, the "privatization bill", which we thought had died due to lack of support in Congress, but has now resurfaced in President Trump's 2018 national budget request. Fortunately, due to the efforts of EAA, AOPA, over 200 other aviation organizations, local airports and communities, most Congress members are against it, so let's hope the giveaway of our national ATC system to airlines and private interests can again be defeated. The Sun-N-Fun Fly-in in Lakeland, Florida will be held April 10-15 this year. Several members plan to attend.  Larry Philbin spoke about the prospect of getting youth groups involved in our chapter. However, with the possible exception of members individually inviting youth to our meetings, there seems to be little interest among members for that prospect.

     After the meeting was adjourned, Don Schmotzer gave an interesting presentation on the adventures of Wiley Post and Will Rogers from the 1930's with the underlying theme of our avoiding pitfalls and mistakes that were made which resulted in their deaths. Chapter photographer, Eddie Price, was not able to attend today, so Delores Rucker was kind enough to take photos for us, along with a few from Jim Streeter and Randy Berry. To see them, click on the photo above.

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