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June Meeting - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 6/24/18

Three of our great ladies - Libby, Dianne, and Debbie
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     Our June, 2018 chapter meeting was again held at the Lexington County South Region Substation located near the entrance to Lexington County Airport (6J0). Our meeting started with lunch about 1:00pm. Several members had requested at our May meeting that Libby make her "chicken bog", so we dubbed today "chicken day". Several other members brought additional chicken dishes, slaw, pizza, baked beans, delicious desserts, tea, soft drinks, ice,  and  rolls. After socializing at and before lunch, we held the business portion of our meeting starting about 1:50pm. Randy first introduced and welcomed several guests, including several wives, and Peter Jacobsen, who recently bought Neil Deye's former home at Gilbert Airpark. Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer, then reported on a 30-mile presidential TFR announced for the following Monday, June 25th and warned that it was "serious business" with fighter jets in the area.. Dave Gardner reported on the memorial for Gerald Ballard on Saturday, June 23rd, noting that it was a fitting memorial to the former leader of the SC Breakfast Club for most of its history.

     In other business, the minutes from our May 20th meeting were approved. Leon Strock gave the financial report which again indicates that our treasury is in great shape, and even steadily rising. Randy pointed out that several members had mentioned the desire to have some instrument training. He reported that he had researched various courses, including Sporty's, Gleim's, King's, and others.  He recommended Sporty's because it was the only DVD based course, which could thus be viewed by multiple members. We'll be showing those afer future meetings or indicating where they can be viewed by email. The chapter voted and approved the purchase of the Sporty's course. The meeting was adjourned about 2:45pm. For photos of the meeting from Eddie Price, click on the photo above.

May Meeting - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 5/20/18

Grilling & Socializing at Randy's Hangar - Meeting Location in the Background
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     Our May, 2018 chapter meeting was held at the Lexington County South Region Substation located near the entrance to Lexington County Airport (6J0). Thanks to Captain Kevin Howard for arranging for us to meet there. Only one pilot, Dave Gardner, flew his plane in due to the threatening weather. Dave and Jim Streeter even got in a bit of flying. It did rain at one point, but the weather improved after the meeting, so Dave, and his new friend "Gizmo", were able to make it back to Dave's home airport near Williston, SC after the meeting.

     The meeting officially started at 1:00pm, but a number of members came early. Jim Streeter's hangar was open up front, in which he was displaying his Aerolite 103 ultralight, and Randy started grilling hamburgers and hotdogs at his hangar in back around noon. We had a great time chatting and socializing at both hangars before the meeting. Grilling the "burgers and dogs" took a bit longer than expected, so the meeting started a bit late. However, everyone reportedly had a great time chatting beforehand, and they were rewarded with some great food (see some of the photos) for their wait. Thanks to everyone who brought food for the event, and thanks for your donations, which went directly towards the food costs.

     President, Randy Berry, conducted a business meeting starting just after 2:00pm. We approved the April minutes, and treasurer, Leon Strock, gave a treasurer's report, which indicates that our chapter is very solvent. We set the next meeting for June 24th, again at Lexington County Airport. We also agreed to have a fall fly-in at Gilbert Airpark the first Saturday in November, provided the Gilbert Airpark Association also approves it, and we approved funds for the event. We discussed Young Eagles, Sun-n-Fun 2018 briefly, the "Wings & Wheels" event at KFDW last Saturday, possible upcoming fly-outs, potential future meeting sites, and set some plans for other events later this year. Randy then gave each member a chance to make comments, which several did. After the meeting, Don Schmozter gave a brief presentation on "Weight & Balance", which was a great reminder for us all.

     For photos of the grilling outside and meeting from Eddie Price, click on the photo above.

April Meeting - Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) - 4/15/18

Vice-President, Larry Philbin, presided today
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     Our April, 2018 chapter meeting was held at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark starting about 1:00pm with lunch. Larry and Debbie Philbin provided pizza, Jim Streeter provided a salad bar, and other members brought desserts and beverages. Vice-President, Larry Philbin, conducted the meeting in the absence of president, Randy Berry, who was attending Sun-N-Fun 2018. Larry thanked Ron Angerman for again allowing us to hold our chapter meeting in his hangar. In the business portion of the meeting, the March minutes were approved as posted on the chapter website. Leon Strock gave a treasurer's report, again indicating our treasury is very healthy and has even risen some. Don Schmotzer started a presentation on "weight and balance", but a thunderstorm with high winds in the 20s, and even gusting into the 30s, hit the area causing a power outage which cut the meeting short. Everyone hurriedly cleaned up after the meal and put up tables and chairs. Thankfully, the winds were from the south, so they didn't blow into the hangar door opening, which Ron was unable to close due to the power outage. For photos of the meeting from Eddie Price, click the photo above.

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