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Gaston Airport (2SC8)

     Our chapter home base and normal meeting location is Gaston Airport (2SC8), a privately owned airport located about 3 miles south of Gaston, SC. It's also located just inside the outermost ring of the Class C airspace south of Columbia Metro (KCAE), so you must stay below 1800' MSL or be in contact with KCAE. Click the thumbnail below for a larger photo of the airport.

Gaston Airport
Gaston Airport (2SC8)

     This airport is located at 149 Athens School Road, Gaston, SC between Gaston and Swansea, SC just off Highway #321 (and can be seen from that highway). The airport was formerly known as "Lexington County Airport" (7J1) near Swansea, SC, but the name has been changed to "Gaston Airport (2SC8)". This airport may be listed on FAA and/or other aviation charts, as "Lexington County Airport at Gaston". Also, if you have a Garmin GPS or older GPS, the Airport ID may be listed as 7J1, but the new designator is 2SC8. The CTAF at the airport is 122.9.  For directions to and information about the airport, click one of the icons below.

     ( NOTE: There is also a "Lexington County Airport at Pelion (6J0)" about 8 miles to the west, so don't confuse the two airports. We generally refer to that airport locally as "Pelion Airport" with a CTAF of 123.0. You can get 100LL aviation fuel at that airport with a valid credit/debit card. )

Coming By Air?

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Coming By Land?

The address is "Gaston Airport, 149 Athens School Road, Gaston, SC, 29053".
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