EAA Chapter 1467 Fall Fly-in
Saturday, November 4th, 2023
10:00am - 3:00pm

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11/1/23 Status:  The decision is "GO" for our Fall Fly-in on Saturday, November 4th, 2023!

     Our 2023 "EAA Chapter 1467 Fall Fly-in" is scheduled for Saturday, November 4th, 2023 from 10:00am until 3:00pm at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45), aka GIA. In case of bad weather, we'll postpone the event until Saturday, November 11th (same hours). We'll update the above "Fly-in Status" periodically to let you know how plans are progressing, especially within the final week before the event, so that we'll have a very good indication of what the weather forecast will be on that date.

    This event is intended primarily for members of our chapter, GIA, EAA members, local airparks/airports, visiting aviators, and their guests.  The general public is not being invited, but anyone who is genuinely interested in aviation will be allowed to attend. We plan to provide a very nice LUNCH MEAL between the hours of 12:00noon - 1:00pm. We also plan to have a 50/50 drawing to help fund the meal and to have prize giveaways in various categories.

     The runways at SC45 are 27 and 9. The runway is grass and in good condition. The runway length is approximately 3,000' with about a 500' downhill overrun on the west end. Both runways have a standard LEFT pattern at 1500' MSL. A large solar farm is located on the west end of the runway, so be aware of possible glare. CTAF at Gilbert International Airpark is 122.9. We plan to have someone monitoring the radio to assist you. If radio equipped, please announce "Gilbert traffic" at least 5 miles out. If NORDO (i.e. NOT radio equipped), be very vigilant for other aircraft near the airpark. Click the icons below and consult your aviation maps and websites for further information about Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). Be sure to check the "Runway 9/27" write-up on the GIA website (see link below).

     The event will be held at the large hangar located about mid-field on the south side of the airpark runway. There is tall, thin, hard to see tower listed at 1,063' MSL about 2 miles to the NW about where the left downwind to base turn is located for runway 9, so we highly recommend that you maintain at least 1,500' MSL until you see it. There is also a cell tower located about 600' NORTH of runway 27 on FINAL approach, just past I-20. It shouldn't be a problem for you, but do exercise caution not to drift into it, especially if the winds are from a southerly direction. If landing on runway 27, we also recommend that on landing you stay well above the trees and beyond the gray colored hangar (2nd hangar).

     Please park aircraft ONLY on the SOUTH side of the runway and to the WEST of the hangar for these reasons: (1) to avoid participants having to cross the runway, (2) it's the shaded side, and (3) the NORTH taxiway is reserved for departing aircraft as they leave in order not to have aircraft taxiing on the active runway. Also, the runway has a hump in the middle which makes it impossible to see from one end to the other end. We plan to have ground marshallers there to assist you with aircraft parking upon your arrival. Please do NOT park in front of nor to the east of the large hangar. We may possibly have rotary wing aircraft coming in and parking on the east side.

Those mentioned above are invited to fly in, drive in, or even walk in. For those of you who may wish to drive in, the address is 332 Downwind Leg Road, Gilbert, SC 29054. You may park on either side of Downwind Leg Road, but please park OFF the paved portion so that local traffic may pass.

      If you need fuel, 100LL fuel is available at the following airports: Lexington County Airport (6J0-about 9nm SE of GIA- currently $6.499/gallon); Saluda County (6J4-about 20nm West); Columbia Metro (KCAE-13.5nm-East); Hamilton-Owens (KCUB-20nm east); Aiken (KAIK-21nm southwest),  Fairfield County (KFDW-29nm-Northeast), and Barnwell County (KBNL-37.5nm-South). KBNL also has 93 octane non-ethanol auto gas.

     To view some of the photos taken at our 2019 Fall Fly-in, click each of the photos at the top of this page.

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