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Next Meeting - February 18th, 2018 - Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) - 1:00pm

     Our next chapter meeting will be held on Sunday, February 18th, 2018 at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) in Ron Angerman's hangar located at 332 Downwind Leg Road, Gilbert, SC. Come join us. We're calling this "Soup Day" because we're planning to have a variety of soups for lunch beginning about 1:00pm. Are you proud of your soup recipe? Then, bring a pot of soup for other members to enjoy. If you can't bring soup, bring something to complement it, like corn bread, rolls, tea, soft drinks, and/or desserts. We'll plan to have about a 30-minute business meeting, including January meeting minutes and a treasurer's report, and then new business to be determiined. Our meeting should be finished by around 3:00pm, so you'll have time to do some flying afterwards, weather permitting. In order to ensure a balanced meal, please let me know via email or by phone what you can bring so that I can publish it here. Here's what we have thus far:
Lunch Menu
Vegetable/Beef Soup - Libby & Randy
Ham & Bean Soup - Debbie & Larry
Taco Soup - Leonard Self
Cornbread - Libby & Randy
Cheese Toast - Debbie & Larry
Sugar-free Sweet Tea (1 gallon) - Libby & Randy
Sweet Tea (1 gallon) - Jim Streeter
Ice in Cooler - Jim Streeter
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Jim Streeter
Chocolate Lava Brownies - Debbie & Larry
Plates, Bowls, Cups, Plasticware - Debbie, Larry, Libby, Randy

Tea - need 1 more gallon ... unsweet or sugar-free sweet
Soft Drinks -  Anyone?
Desserts - Others?
Other Dishes - Anyone?

Note: Green means "plan to provide"; maroon means "need volunteer(s)".

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Upcoming Events in 2018

All chapter meeting dates are on Sunday, unless otherwise noted.
All chapter activities, dates, times and locations are tentative and subject to change.
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February 18, 2018 EAA 1467 - February Meeting - Soup Day 1pm - 3pm Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) Right Arrow
March 18, 2018 March Meeting - Tentative 1pm - 3pm Pond Branch Airport (PBA) Right Arrow
April 8, 2018 To Be Determined 1pm - 3pm To Be Determined ?
April 10-15, 2018 Sun-N-Fun Fly-in Every Day,
All Week
Lakeland Linder Airport, Lakeland, Florida Right Arrow
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