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Next Meeting - October 20th, 2019 - Buckeye Farm - 1:00-4:00pm

      Our next chapter meeting will be held on Sunday, October 20th, 2019 at Dave and Tammy Gardner's "Buckeye Farm" located at 5095 Fellowship Road near Williston, SC. It's located at coordinates N33.3723, W81.4639 (expressed in degrees). We suggest that you look it up on Google Earth to get the lay of the property before coming and convert to whichever coordinate format you use. Just plug those coordinates into the search box and click. Also, you can see the photo below for general layout. This photo was made facing generally to the northwest.

     The runways are 31 and 13. The runway is roughly 2600' long and straight (with a slight "dogleg" on the 31 approach) on reasonably smooth grass. If the winds are reasonably favorable, Dave recommends using runway 31 (to the northwest) for landing and 13 (to the southeast) for takeoff. Why? Runway 31 has the best approach in, even with the  slight "dogleg" approach through the trees, which you can see above. You can choose to fly over the trees on that end, but you'll have less runway for landing. The opposite applies on runway 13. There's a fence and electrical wires on the runway 13 approach. Also, as you see from the photo above, the runway is very narrow on that end with tall trees on both sides. It will be like "threading a needle" through the trees (or) you could fly over the trees and sacrifice a few hundred feet of runway. For takeoff, Dave recommends 13 because you can taxi up between the trees to the "turn around spot" at the very end and then utilize the whole 2600' length for takeoff to the southeast. Please do not attempt to fly in if you have any reservations about your aircraft's landing or takeoff characteristics on that length runway, especially on a high density altitude day. We'd prefer that you drive in and be safe rather than take a chance and be sorry. Naturally, anyone who chooses to do so may drive in.

     Insofar as driving in, the driveway into Buckeye Farm is not really well pronounced (by design) and can be fairly easily missed. However, the driveway is just across the road from Ebenezer Baptist Church on Fellowship Road. It's about a 7 minute drive from Williston. The easiest way to come is through Williston (from the north) on Hwy 39 south for about 3 miles, then turn onto Fellowship Road to the left. Dave's driveway is about 0.4 miles down Fellowship Road on the right. We recommend you look it up on Google Maps (or another map) for directions, or simply use your GPS.  You can also click on the arrow at the bottom of this page for directions. You may also wish to enter Dave's telephone # (which you can find on our TTF membership roster) into your cellphone in case you have trouble finding it. If you fly in, you should have no problem finding it using the coordinates above. Also, please note that the driveway does cross the runway near the 13 approach end, so be sure to look for aircraft before crossing it. Just follow the road around to Dave and Tammy's hangar, which is on the other side of the runway (see photo above).

     We plan to have hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch around 1:00pm, but you may wish to get there a bit earlier. Please let me know if you can bring something for lunch. If we all pitch in, then we can manage to airlift the food in without much problem. For large and heavy items, such as ice, we'll ask someone driving in to bring that. Dave has a grill that we can use to cook the food. BTW, the weather should be cooler in late October, but in case not, Dave's hangar is air conditioned, so come on down and enjoy the day with us. The leaves should be turning by then, so it will probably be a beautiful flight down.

NOTE: We've now finished reviewing all 7 DVDs of the "Sporty's Instrument Rating Course" in the terminal building at 6J0. If you wish, you may check out the "backup copies" of the course, which are in the individual plastic cases. The originals are in a plastic magazine in the lockbox too. but we ask that you not remove those from the terminal building. You may view them in the terminal building as often as you like. However, that's our only copy, so if one goes missing or is damaged, we no longer have a viable course.  For a complete description of the course, click here.

Lunch Menu

Hamburgers & Hotdogs - Randy & Libby Berry
Buns - Randy & Libby Berry

Caribou Chili - Dave & Tammy Gardner
Cornbread & Cheese - Dave & Tammy Gardner
Condiments (catsup, mustard, mayo, relish, pickles) - Debbie & Larry
Sour Creme & Corn Chips (for chili) - Debbie & Larry
Hamburger Trimmings (cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, onions) - Debbie & Larry
Chips - Debbie & Larry
Plates, Bowls, Cups, Plastic Utensils, Paper Products - Debbie & Larry
Tea (diet sweet) - Randy & Libby
Tea (unsweet) & Diet Coke - Debbie & Larry
Brookie Cookie Bars & Lemon Bars - Debbie & Larry
Peanut Butter Brownies - Debbie & Larry
Ice - Jim Streeter
Potato Salad (maybe) - Debbie & Larry

Desserts - Who Else?
More Beverages (Tea, Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Etc.) - Who Else?
Other Food Items - Anyone?
Green - Agreed to provide
Gray - Unconfirmed, but probably

Red - Need volunteers

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October 11-13, 2019 Chapter 3 Vintage Aircraft Fly-in Each Day Woodward Field (KCDN) Right Arrow
October 20, 2019 EAA Chapter 1467 Meets 12pm - 4pm Buckeye Farm (near Williston, SC) Right Arrow
November 2, 2019
(Alternate: November 9, 2019)
TTF/GIA Fall Fly-in 9am-4pm Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) Right Arrow
November 9, 2019 DoLittle Fly-in ? DoLittle Airport (SC90) Right Arrow
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