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Buckeye Farms viewed from southeast (Barnwell end) to northwest (Aiken end).

Please Read the Statement on COVID-19 Below

     Our chapter did not meet in March, April, nor May due to restrictions placed on all South Carolinians by Governor McMaster's Executive Orders. Also, EAA provided COVID-19 guidance to all EAA chapters; click here to view the EAA guidance. Fortunately, the governor's restrictions have recently been eased to a great extent. Most SC businesses and organizations can now open/operate as long as certain PRECAUTIONS are taken. Consequently, we will do our best to abide by those precautions. The Governor's Executive Orders are full of legal terms and hard to follow, but SCDHEC has published a simplified list of recommended precautions on their website. Click here to see view the SCDHEC guidelines. Here's where you can find the CDC guidelines. Those guidelines are constantly changing, so please keep abreast of them.

     As you know, COVID-19 is a very serious disease, so your attendance at this meeting is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. If you are fearful of catching the virus, then we'll understand if you decide not to come.
If you are sick in any way, we request that you please DO NOT COME. If you have any type of underlying health condition(s), we suggest that you consider whether or not you really should come. However, if you are tired of being stuck at home, this is an excellent opportunity to socialize with your like-minded aviation friends. If you do come, I am requesting that you bring and wear a MASK, AT LEAST THROUGH THE SERVING LINE. Also, it's very important to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING and WASH YOUR HANDS often. Those safety measures are intended as much, if not moreso, for the protection of others as for yourself. At least 6 feet is the recommended social distance between individuals.

     Thank you all for for your cooperation and understanding of our predicament during these challenging times. It's the only way we can reasonably and safely resume our chapter activities. State and local regulations are constantly changing, so if there are further restrictions, we may have to curtail our chapter meetings.

Next Meeting - Buckeye Farms - October 18th - 1:00 to 3:00pm

     Our next meeting is planned for Sunday, October 18th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the restful country home, hangar, and farm of Dave and Tammy Gardner near Willison, SC, pictured above.  The coordinates for Buckeye Farms are:  N33.3717, W81.4639 expressed in minutes and decimal minutes. Click on those coordinates to see it in Google Earth. Those coordinates will put you right in front of their hangar. The runway is approximately 2700' long. It is oriented southeast (SE) to northwest (NW). Barnwell Airport is located only about 10 miles away, and you can see it from the air.

     Dave recommends that we land from the SE (Barnwell end) towards the NW (Aiken end). Since the above photo was made, Dave has added a NEW "dog leg" on the LEFT SIDE of the end of the runway (not shown in above photo). The SE runway is more open than the NW runway, which is fairly narrow due to trees lining each side of the runway. Also, there is an electric line on the NW end. Therefore, the recommended procedure is to enter a LEFT HAND PATTERN on the SW side of the runway and then make a DESCENDING LEFT TURN into the NEW dog leg, and then turn slightly more to the left straight down the ruway. When departing, Dave recommends that you take off the opposite way, from NW to SE, making a slight right turn out through the new dog leg. Also, please note that there is a RESTRICTED area for the Savannah River Plant indicated on GPS only a few miles to the west. We plan to make a new photo of the Buckeye Farms runway, so as soon as we do, we'll post it.

     If you plan to drive down, the address is 5095 Fellowship Road, Williston, SC. It's a nice drive through the peaceful and picturesque countryside. After you turn left off Highway #39 south of Williston onto Fellowship Road, there is narrow dirt road that is a bit difficult to see (by design) just across the paved road from Fellowship Baptist Church. Look for the first mailbox on the right once you are on Fellowship Road. That road winds around to Dave and Tammy's hangar/home.
Be careful because the road crosses the runway at one point, so stop and look there. Some pilots may want to fly down, but do not wish to carry a passenger into, and especially out of, the relatively short runway, so if you are willing to provide transportation for someone else, please let Randy know. Also, we may have some heavy food items, like ice, which are best carried down by road. We'll use Pelion Airport (6J0) as a rendezvous point for pick up and drop off of passengers and food items. Jim Streeter has already volunteered to carry up to 3 passengers in his car. See the location on Google maps by clicking here.

     We plan to grill burgers and hotdogs around 12:30-1:00pm EDT, and have lunch soon afterwards. Jim Streeter plans to bring enough BBQ and buns for sandwiches for about 20 people, so you may wish to get there early, if you prefer BBQ. See the menu below. We also plan to have an alternate date for the event of Sunday, September 25th, same time and place. If there is a forecast of bad weather by Friday, October 16th, we'll switch to the alternate date and let you know as soon as possible, probably by email. Therefore, we suggest that you NOT buy or prepare any food until that final decision is made.

     We'll likely have an abbreviated business meeting after the meal in which we'll discuss OLD business, including the September 20th minutes and the latest financial report. We'll also report on any NEW business, including happenings at EAA and anything you'd like to discuss. One item discussed at the September meeting which we'll likely discuss is whether or not to sponsor a poker run and, if so, details of that plan.   

     The menu below is "tentative". It will likely be changing as members volunteer to bring food items, especially during the week just prior to the meeting. If you can bring a "covered" dish, dessert, some tea, or other beverage, let Randy know, and he'll add it to the menu below.

     NOTE: Remember to bring and wear your masks around others, social distance, and wash your hands often.



Hamburgers (20) & Hotdogs (24) - Libby/Randy Berry
Buns for above - Libby/Randy Berry
BBQ Sandwiches (6lbs with sauce & buns) - Jim Streeter
Elk Chili (possibly) - Dave/Tammy Gardner
Tea (Diet Sweet, 1 gallon) - Randy/Libby Berry
Soft Drinks (if someone willing to bring them by car) - Randy/Libby
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Catsup, Mustard, Mayo (for burgers) - Who?
Chili for Hotdogs - Who?

Other Dishes or Desserts - Anyone?
Ice - Who?

More Drinks (Tea, Colas, Sodas) - Who?

Green - Agreed to provide
Gray - Unconfirmed, but probably

Red - Need volunteers

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