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Troy's Plaque

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 On Thursday, February 8th, 2007, the above plaque was presented to Pam White in honor of Troy by club president, Randy Berry, on the club's behalf. An identical plaque still hangs in the clubhouse.

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Pam is shown above with the plaque. Pam has been very generous to us ... having donated $500 to the club in honor of Troy. Thank you, Pam. 

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The ribbon from the flowers which the club sent still hangs beside Pam's self-described "shrine" to Troy.

TroysUSUAPlaque.JPG (35515 bytes)

Pam says that Troy was very proud of the above training award from USUA ... which hangs on the wall to the right of his "shrine".

TroysAwards.JPG (37789 bytes)

Troy was posthumously awarded the rank of master sergeant. Above are his sergeant patch and the various awards and medals which he earned during his duty in the Air Guard at McEntire Air Base.