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Steve Cromer

Steve Beside C182      Steve & Tina Cromer     Wings Of God

     Steve Cromer (left) only had a brief amount of flight experience when he came to our chapter back in 2009, but he has accomplished a lot in a short time. He soloed and has accumulated 55+ hours of flight time as of this writing, and he continues to work diligently towards his private pilot license. He and his wife, Tina (center photo), just purchased the beautiful 1968 Cessna 182 shown above. Steve plans to use the plane in his missionary work and plans to eventually put the above sign (right photo) on his plane.

Cessna 182 Sideview

     A sideview of the Cessna 182L is shown above. It's a beautiful "complex" aircraft with Continental O-470, 230 hp, 6-cylinder engine and constant speed prop, which means that Steve must get additional endorsements to fly it. Congratulations Steve and Tina!

Note: The MIDI playing in the background is "On the Wings of Love"