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Ron Lindsey

Ron Lindsey is a former Master Warrant Officer in the Army flying helicopters in Korea. He also flew helicopters for awhile back home for a hospital in Augusta, Georgia. He is also a retired school teacher of auto mechanics. Obviously, he has lots of flying experience and talents. He owns (and has owned) several aircraft, several of which are shown below.

Ron Standing Beside Sonex     Sonex Instrument Panel

Ron's latest interest is the Sonex above, powered by a Jabiru engine. It also has a very nice glass cockpit display.

Ron Lindsey Closeup      KitfoxTakeoff.JPG (169218 bytes)       RonKitfoxClose.JPG (167764 bytes)       KitfoxRear.JPG (176114 bytes)

Ron has a very nice Kitfox (with Rotax 912). The paint scheme is very unique ... having a Snoopy dog on the side of it. We can't decide whether to call him the "Red Baron" or "Snoopy".

Ron's in Flybaby

Ron Lindsey had always wanted a Fly Baby. He finally got one on Friday, March 20th, 2009 ... in Mayville, NY. The trip was quite an adventure, to say the least.  Ron is now flying the plane. He flew it for the first time on May 30, 2009.  For more information and photos, click the thumbnail above.

RonsCherokee140.JPG (37684 bytes)

Ron owned and flew this vintage 1966 Piper Cherokee 140 for many years in the local area. He recently let his son, Mitch have it. Mitch plans to get his pilot's license soon.

    P.S. Ron is also a Creedence Clearwater Revival fan ... hence the background music "Bad Moon Rising"