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Rodney Dowdy


Rodney Dowdy passed away in August of 2011. Our chapter held a memorial for him on August 21st, 2011.
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Below you will find what we've written about him in the past.
May he rest in peace.

     Rodney Dowdy has also proven himself to be adept at restoring various aircraft, having made the transition all the way from the restored Quicksilver MX shown at bottom to the RANS Sakota S-10 with Rotax 582 engine shown below in that short span of time. He is also sort of a "jack of all trades" and is always quick to lend a helping hand to others.

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The photos above were taken of Rodney with his RANS S-10 Sakota.

RodneysMXII.jpg (123782 bytes)

    Rodney "graduated" to the RANS S-10 from the two-place Quicksilver MXII shown above ... making quite a jump in the process from a "slow flier" to the "over 100mph" club. He was the first club member to convert the above plane to an ELSA.

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    Rodney's first plane was a Quicksilver MX powered by a Rotax 447. This plane was a "basket case" when he got it, and he miraculously revived it into the very neat little aircraft shown above.