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Randy Berry

    Hello ... my name is Randy Berry.  I'm a private pilot, fixed-wing, SEL. I'd like to personally welcome you to this website; I have just been elected president of the chapter for 2019, and I also serve as webmaster here.  I was also honored to have served as president of the Tree Top Flyers from 2001-2014, and again from 2017-2018. Libby and I own the Cessna 150H shown below. She's a real beauty ... at least, we think so! Here are some photos of me with the plane.

Randy & Cessna 150 #1     Randy & Cessna 150 #2     Me in Front of C150 - May 5th, 2010     Me in Rear of C150 - May 5th, 2010
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 Click the thumbnail below to see some photos of me and the C150 in flight.

In Air Close Up

     I bought the Baby Ace shown below in June, 2007, but I didn't get to fly the plane until late November after getting my license currency (BFR), tailwheel endorsement, and insurance. Then, I flew the plane about 18 miles from Gaston Airport to my hangar at Gilbert Airpark on December 1st. It was truly a rewarding experience, and she flew great! I enjoyed many pleasurable flights in my Ace. I sold the Baby Ace in May, 2010.

Randy with Baby Ace     Randy Over Lake Murray Dam     Randy at Triple Tree Breakfast
Above left - At Gaston Airport in September, 2008.
Above center - Over Lake Murray Dam in October, 2008 on the way to the VAA Chapter 3 Fly-in in Camden, SC.
Above right - After landing at the SC Breakfast Club meeting at Triple Tree Aerodrome on June 28, 2009.

Our hangar at Gilbert Airpark is shown below.

Hangar Left     Hangar From Front     Hangar Right