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Phil Lumpkin

     Nope ... it wasn't Tweety Bird (of Looney Tunes fame) you saw flying around the local area. It was probably Phil Lumpkin (shown left below) flying in his bright yellow and white Sky Ranger, which he has named "Tweety Bird"    He even has a Tweety Bird painted on the tail (see center photo). Tweety Bird is now licensed as an Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) with the FAA number N715PL.

Phil Lumpkin Close.JPG (129129 bytes)      TweetyBirdPlane.jpg (266867 bytes)     Phil At Gaston 11-7-2010

Phil and his wife, Sonja, are originally from Maryland and moved to South Carolina in 2005. He is a retired police officer.
Below is a photo of the Lumpkin residence, located on Upwind Leg Road at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). Click for larger photo.

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