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Neil Deye

Neil & Millie
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   Neil Deye and Millie Hoemer are shown above on 1/13/07 beside a Piper Comanche 250, which they jointly owned at the time.

     Neil has over 50 years of aviation experience. He soloed in 1949 and got his private certificate in 1950. Since then, he has earned additional CFII, MEI, A&P, commercial, SEL, SES, MEL and glider ratings. He is listed with the EAA as a Technical Advisor and Flight Advisor. He has owned and/or flown many different types of aircraft, including the following: Fairchild PT23, Aeronca 7AC Champ, Culver Dart, Culver Cadet, Fairchild PT19, Smith Miniplane, Piper Apache, Mooney M20C, Cessna 320, Piper Comanche 250, Citabria, Woody Pusher, and many others. He even designed and built his own Deye Biplane in 1996.

Neil's Award

    On February 8, 2007, Neil was honored by the FAA with a "Master Pilot" award in a ceremony sponsored by the South Carolina Aviation Association at their conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Hilton Head, SC. Above, Neil (center) receives the award from Dick Hitt (left) as another FAA official looks on. Neil jokes that they gave it to him "for over 50 years of not killing himself" ... although he admits that he has come close a few times Smiley

Deye Home     Neil & Millie's Piper Colt

Neil purchased this home (left above) at Gilbert Airpark (SC45) in late 2006.
Neil and Millie owned the Piper Colt at right above until the summer of 2011 when it was sold.

Neil & Culver Cadet     Neil's Culver Project

Also, they are working on the Culver Cadet project shown above. These photos were made in January, 2011. It is now flyable. By the way, it's also for sale, if you are interested.

Neil and Millie bought the beautiful 1956 Piper Twin Apache show below in August of 2011. Neil flew it into Gilbert Airpark himself.

Apache Flying into Gilbert     Apache on the Ground     Apache Twin taxiing in