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Millie Hoemer

Neil & Millie
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   Millie Hoemer and Neil Deye are shown above on 1/13/07 beside a Piper Comanche 250, which they jointly owned at that time.

     Millie has some impressive aviation credentials, including private with taildragger endorsement, Multi-Engine, Instrument, and Seaplane ratings. She also has about 40 hours of aerobatic flight. She took lessons at Moraine Airpark, Ohio and flew only in the Citabrias there (center left below). She says they are great little airplanes. In fact, she and Neil owned a Citabria recently. She was the EAA Young Eagles Coordinator for 7 years at Moraine Airpark. She is now Young Eagles Coordinator for our chapter.

Cherokee 140     Millie By Citabria     Piper Apache     Millie & Culver Cadet

     She purchased a Cherokee 140 (left above) after getting her private ticket.  Then later, she went into partnership with Neil Deye on an Apache (center right above), which they restored together. She says she dearly loved that airplane. Later, they also jointly owned a Comanche 250,  Cessna 150, and Piper Colt. They still have the Piper Colt at this writing, and they are working on restoration of a Culver Cadet (shown at right above).

Deye Home

Millie and Neil currently share the above home at Gilbert Airpark (SC45).

They recently purchased the beautiful 1956 Twin Apache show below in August of 2011.

Apache Landing     Apache on Ground     Apache Taxiing In