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Libby Berry

      Libby Berry has been our chapter secretary since 2006, except for a brief period in 2011, when she chose to withdraw her nomination, but circumstances changed during the year, and she became secretary again. In November, 2013, she was elected secretary again for 2014 and served in that capacity through 2018. She chose not to run for secretary again in 2019. However, she was elected chapter treasurer in March of 2019 after the death of our previous chapter treasurer and good friend, Leon Strock.

      Her two favorite interests are: Carolina football and Elvis. She finally got the opportunity to combine both interests when she attended the game between USC and Houston at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN in late December, 2006 ... and she visited Elvis' home, Graceland (where the top photo below was made) ... as well as his birthplace near Tupelo, MS. 

      Libby is a legal secretary who has worked for the same law firm since 1959, where she is affectionately known as "Miss Lib". She could retire now, but she enjoys her job too much to retire. Besides, her boss and clients depend on her too much to let her quit.

    Libby is also wife of president, Randy Berry. However, that fact had nothing to do with her becoming a chapter officer. She was elected by the chapter membership for having done a great job in the past. She also cooks some great meals for us occasionally. Below, she is shown helping to prepare a meal inside our former clubhouse.