Leonard Self

Leonard Self is Vice President of our chapter for 2014. Here's what he says about his own experience:

"I have about 1800 hours total time,  including time in tricycle, tail dragger, high power and complex (over 200hp, constant speed and retract time) in Stearman; Mooney; Stinson; DC3; Bonanza; Piper Tripacer, PA140, 180, 200; J-3 Cub; Cessna 150, 152, 170, T-41, 172, 180; Taylorcraft; Aeronca and Sikorski 300. My favorite plane was the PA28-200R (Arrow) out of Patrick AFB.  It had a Garmin 430 WAAS system.  We used to shoot approaches into Merritt Island, Melbourne, Titusville, Lakeland and Patrick AFB.  Lots of fun. I started on my instrument, but have not taken the knowledge, oral or flight exam.  I love the older aircraft and would trade my '56 Cessna for a C180 Skywagon, the old straight tail ones, of course."

Leonard & Kathy Self

He and wife, Kathy, own a nice home and hangar at Wexford Airpark (4SC7) located about 10nm east of Aiken Municipal Airport (KAIK). They are shown above at their home one "work day" afternoon. They protested much about taking their photo on this particular date, but we like photos of "real" people in natural settings. Even so, we'll try to get a better one later.

Leonard at CKI       Leonard at MNI

Leonard is shown above after visiting the Williamsburg Airport (CKI - left) and Santee Cooper Regional Airport (MNI - right) to pick up stamps for SCAA's Ambassador Passport program.

1956 Cessna 172 in Hangar      1956 C172 at CKI

Leonard and Kathy own the vintage 1956 "straight tail" Cessna 172 shown above.

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