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Larry Maner

     Lawrence "Larry" Maner's interests in flying began with remote controlled aircraft. He mastered flying remote controlled fixed and rotary wing aircraft and flew them for many years ... and still does fly them occasionally. In 1996, he decided that he'd like to actually fly in an aircraft himself, so he trained with a BFI, soloed in an ultralight, and flew them for a number of years. After the light sport aircraft initiative was passed, Larry moved to light sport aircraft and earned his sport pilot license in 2007. In 2009, he decided to move to even larger aircraft, so he earned his private pilot license and bought a nice 1974 Cessna 150. He sold that aircraft in December of 2012, and soon afterwards, bought his latest aircraft ... a 1964 Cessna 172 (shown below). Click the thumbnails to view larger versions of the photos.

Larry's Cessna 172 - Right Front     Larry's Cessna 172 - Left Front     Larry's Cessna 172 - Side View

In his professional life, Larry is a Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army. He was deployed to Afghanistan back in 2006 for a year. The photos below are of Larry in Kandahar (left) getting ready for convoy along with a Romanian soldier (right).
Thanks Larry, for your service and devotion to your country.

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