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Glenn Temples

Glenn's First Flight

     Glenn Temples has been trying for years to get into the air on his own. He's had some knee problems over the years and finally got those problems resolved. Recently, he's been taking tail dragger lessons. He finally achieved his dream of solo flight in his own Flybaby aircraft on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at Barnwell County Airport (KBNL). Congratulations to Glenn, and to his wife, Kelsie, for their perseverance and achievement! For photos of the event, click the thumbnail above.

1st Tailwheel Lesson

Glenn Temples is shown above in the cockpit of the Aeronca Champ in which he took his first tailwheel lessons. Click the thumbnail for photos.

Glenn in front of Fly Baby     Glenn Temples     Glenn with Fly Baby N38943
Left - Glenn in front of his Fly Baby
Center - Glenn Close-up
Right - This is how you get in it

     Glenn had been working diligently on various aircraft projects for many years. He worked on a J3 Super Cub replica for quite awhile some years back, but finally let that project go after the kit manufacturer left the area. In December of 2008, he picked up a Bowers Fly Baby project. In November of 2011, he bought the above Fly Baby. It is in great condition and ready to be flown. However, Glenn has since made several improvements on the aircraft, including a new wooden prop. After several months, he finally got it like he wanted it. We are all happy to see Glenn finally get a nice and flyable aircraft.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

Right Side of Fly Baby     Larry & Tony Check It Out     Instrument Panel in Fly Baby
Left - From the Right
Center - No, you can't fly it!
Right - Instrument Panel

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