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Eddie Price

  PBA Looking West          Ed & Sandy Price in 95Q          PBA Hangar
Left: PBA looking down runway 29 to the west    Center: Sandy (my first passenger) and Me    Right: Our hangar constructed in 2009.
The 1500' x 100' runway was motor graded, and the grass was planted in the spring of 2008.
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     Eddie and Sandy Price reside on a 1500' airfield in the Pond Branch area of SC, which he has named "Pond Branch Airfield", and which he often refers to as "PBA" (see photos above).  It is just off mile marker #43 on I-20 and is located only a couple of miles southwest of Gilbert Airpark.  Beginning in 2014, it is now listed on the SC Aeronautical Chart as "Pond Branch (Pvt)".  He has the following to say about himself and his airfield:

     "I've been cutting trees and pulling stumps for over 25 years on this property that has been in my mother’s family since 1810. I’m 7th generation here on Little Black Creek.  In 2007, Sandy encouraged me to pursue flying and finish the airfield.  It has been a lot of work, but we are now enjoying the fruits of that labor.

     My private pilot check ride was 9/9/90 in a Columbia (BankAir) Piper Cherokee 140.  I later rented Pelion’s and Camden’s Cessna 152 and 172.  Finances ended my flying 7/8/92 after 100 hours. I returned to flying in 2008 renting the Cessna 152 and the Piper Cherokee from Aiken.  I passed my BFR check ride in August 2008 after being grounded for 16 years. Pictured above, in the center, is Sandy as my first passenger. The photos on the left and right above are of our hangar constructed in 2009.

     The 1500’ x 100’ field was motor graded, and the grass was planted in the spring of 2008.  In the summer of ’09 I started looking for an airplane.  My first offer was for a Cherokee with STOL mods.  The demonstration landing by the owner was indeed short… 92 feet.  After landing hard and breaking the nose gear in gusty winds, he looked over and said….. “I guess you don’t want to buy it now”.

Cherokee Nose Gear Collapse        Cherokee Sitting Near Hangar
 Left: Cherokee 140 landing didn't go well     Right: the hanger was ready for a door at the end of 2009.

     The hanger was completed in the spring and for my 60th birthday we met Cessna N5384 Charlie in Clemson.  We bought it and Don Barnes taught me how to fly it in Aiken.  On May 10, 2010, I touched down on the # 7 runway marker at AIK 16 times and decided it was time to bring it home.

Eddie in Cessna 84C         Bomb Drop in 84C
Left: Cessna 84C the first day it came to PBA     Right: Cessna 84C at one of our flour bombing events. 

     My first meeting with the Tree Top Flyers was in November of 2008, and this association has truly been a grand experience. I have met so many interesting aviators and fantastic friends."

Landing on Runway 29      Landing on Runway 11     
Left: Landing on runway 29     Center: Landing on runway 11     Right: shadow bombing the hanger.

Note: The Midi playing in the background is "You've Got A Friend in Me".