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Don Schmotzer

     Don Schmotzer has served as our chapter "Safety Advisor" for a number of years and also served as Vice-President in 2008. You can tell right away that he knows what he is talking about concerning aviation. He routinely delivers presentations on safety and pertinent aviation issues at our chapter meetings, which are well received and much appreciated. Here's what Don says about his background in his own words:

    "I have a commercial ticket for single & multi-engine land aircraft. I have about 1600 hours of flight time in at least 20 different types, but my favorite type of flying is stick & rudder, grass-roots, wind in the wires, tube wood and fabric, tail-dragging, puddle-jumping, leather and googles,  can't-believe-I-found-the-airport, ole-timey, grass-field, bounce-em-in, didn't we have fun today, hedge-hopping, wind-sock, dead reckoning, FUN flying."


     Don has owned a C172, Baby Ace, Taylorcraft, Zenith 601XL, and a Luscombe. However, he prefers conventional gear planes (i.e. tail draggers), like the Luscombe and Taylorcraft aicraft pictured below. The Luscombe is now Don's sole aircraft.

Here's the Zenith Zodiac 601XL (with mods) that Don owned previously.

Don Arrives in his Zodiac 601Don with Zodiac 601    Getting Out  Don Sitting In Plane  Glass Cockpit

    Here's the Taylorcraft which Don owned previously. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

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