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Chris Hoover

Chris Closeup     Chris' Aircraft - C336JC     N336JC Cockpit     Chris Receives Keys

     Chris Hoover Is an IT Manager/Engineer at a local TV station. He has one daughter, who is 24 years old. (Note: Our sincere condolences go to Chris and his family on the passing of his wife in June of 2012 Sad Emoticon)

     Chris has been an avid RC flier (fixed wing and helicopters) since 1986. Interestingly, it was Larry Maner who got him interested in flying RCs, and Don Schmotzer was his RC flight instructor. He has a number of nice RC aircraft in his own Santa's land type hobby shop. Chris says he has too many hobbies though. In addition to RC aircraft, he enjoys ham radio, classic tractors, model railroading, and video production. He also owns a number of nice guitars, several of which he may be willing to sell.

      He is now ready for another hobby ... full-scale aviation. In fact, he is already making rapid progress towards his new goal. He has started flying lessons and recently purchased a 1958 straight-tail Cessna 172. Chris is shown beside his aircraft in the left photo above. His Cessna 172 aircraft is shown in profile in the center left photo. Its cockpit is shown in the center right photo. Chris is shown receiving the keys from Larry Maner in the right photo. Larry flew the plane into Gaston Airport from its original home airport. Check out that thousand watt grin! Congratulations Chris!

     Now, he is working towards his pilot license so that he can enjoy flying to local airports and fly-ins! For photos of his aircraft in flight, see the photos below. Photos are courtesy of Eddie Price, Don Schmotzer and Randy Berry. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Chris' Plane In Air#1     Chris's Plane In Air #2     Chris' Plane In Air #3