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Bill Currier

William Robert Currier

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    Our very good friend and fellow club member, William "Bill" Currier, took his final flight on Thursday, June 23rd, 2005. He died in the crash of a RANS S-10, which he was test flying, on that fateful day at Perry International Airport, near Wagner, SC. He will be sincerely missed by all who knew him. 

George Flanagan, an airline captain and a friend and neighbor of Bill's located at Gilbert International Airpark, wrote the following poem in remembrance of Bill:

My Final Flight
By: George Flanagan

My Final Flight ... It took away my life

Leaving behind my family, and my loving wife


Little did I know ... as I awoke that fateful morning  

I'd leave this earth forever, with hardly any warning


As I dressed, and had my coffee ... on that 23rd of June

I never even considered ... I'd be gone ... before twelve noon


It was just another Thursday ...  like most any other day  

Should I go play some golf? ... Or, with airplanes, should I play?


I headed down to the airfield ... to have some flying fun

A simple little 'test-hop' ... with a high-speed 'taxi-run'


Suddenly, I'm airborne! ... things aren't quite just right

I need to find a place to land ... and safely end my plight


I've almost got the runway made ...  it shouldn't be much longer

Please God! ... Help me now! ... Give me strength! ... Make me stronger!


Now, all of my days are done ... no longer do I have tomorrow

I never got to say "good-bye" ... or tell you "have no sorrow"


For I was doing what I love ... few men, even dare to try

To live a life as full as mine ... So now, with the angels ... I fly.


Tailwinds my friend ... Until we meet again.

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We believe that Bill would have expressed similar feelings about why he loved flying.

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We miss you, Bill